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Remembering Princess Diana’s White Power Dress When She Met Mother Teresa For The Second Time


Princess Diana had met Mother Teresa twice. Their first meeting was in India and the second and final meeting was in New York City. The two leading ladies bonded over their humanitarian work. When Princess Diana met Mother Teresa for the second time, Mother Teresa wasn't keeping up well but she took out time to meet Princess Diana. Lady Diana was profoundly influenced by Mother Teresa. Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell had also revealed that Diana had a 'spiritual awakening' meeting Mother Teresa, which The Daily Mail also reported. However, coming back to the second meeting, we absolutely loved Diana's ensemble, which was a power dress and we have decoded it for you.

So, amid lockdown, we know our power suits and dresses are well-kept in the wardrobe but we can always take inspiration from Lady Diana's fashion number. The princess wore an all-white outfit when she met Mother Teresa for the second time. Her attire was crisply-tailored and exuded boss lady yet soothing vibes. Her ensemble consisted of a full-sleeved collared jacket that featured nuanced stitching and she paired it with a matching skirt.

We also loved Diana's pumps, which went well with her attire. She wore white-hued pumps that featured black-hued pointed toes. Her jewellery game was light and the makeup was minimally done. Princess Diana's short blonde tresses rounded out her avatar. Well, Princess Diana is someone, who can always inspire us with her fashion numbers.

Photo Credits: Photographs By Francis Specker

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