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Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Masks Have Gained Popularity


Last month, actress Julia Roberts was spotted wearing a mask with Barack Obama's picture printed on it. The actress, who has been very vocal about her support for Black Lives Matter must have donned the Obama mask to get the message across. Well, with masks becoming a necessity, they have not only forayed into the fashion sector but are gradually making way into the political sector. Masks have become an important wearable tool to communicate the message much like t-shirts. And amid all this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi masks have become popular.

Yes, the Modi supporters frequently don Modi masks to show their support for the party. In fact, a number of retailers have capitalised on the popularity of Narendra Modi and have made profits out of selling masks with Prime Minister's face on it. According to the report by The Hindu, a store in Madhya Pradesh has been selling protective masks of Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, and other politicians. Out of all the political leaders in the state, Narendra Modi's masks have made the most profit.

Well, these masks can also tell us a story of which political party has a stronghold in a particular state. Apart from that, masks can find a huge market particularly during the election campaigns and we are also predicting masks with famous political quotes in the future. It's only a beginning of masks symbolising political stand and creating a mask culture.

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