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From Aries To Pisces, Which Saree Is Perfect For You According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Have you ever wished to dress up according to your zodiac sign? If yes, we have just the information that will help you dress as per your zodiac sign. We have come up with 12 different sarees according to zodiac sign. So, Aries to Pisces ladies, if you are looking forward to flaunting your traditional best look, we have got you covered with these sarees. Take a look at these stunning sarees, which encapsulate the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Source: Satya Paul India

Aries: Fire Yet Ice

The element is fire and as such, Aries women are free-spirited and strongly independent. They are passionate, born leaders, but also short-tempered. Aries may be very tough on the outside but they are soft on the inside. An Aries woman is often characterised by fiery nature but her fire can turn into ice and she can go to the extent of cold silence from hot temper if pushed enough. So, her saree should probably be a cross between the two extreme facets. This saree by Satya Paul, which captures the redness of fire and silvery-whiteness of ice, is perfect for Aries ladies.

Source: Abraham & Thakore

Taurus: Artistic Yet Practical

Taurus is a fixed sign and the ladies of this zodiac sign are deadly practical but that is balanced by their artistic side. Yes, you can find a Taurus woman managing money by the day and painting on canvas by the night. They are very caring, grounded, sensuous, and have a great deal of patience. However, with Taurus women when they let out their well-preserved anger you've had it. Since, they are an earth sign with hints of the tomboyish-nature and creative side, this saree by Abraham & Thakore, which has an embellished black blouse, matte black fall, and leaf-patterned pallu brings out all the elements of a Taurus lady.

Source: Shivan & Narresh

Gemini: Sensual Yet Calculative

The first air sign of the zodiac, Gemini women can continue to fascinate you. They often show their contrasting sides and are said to be the two sides of the same coin. They can be moody and irritable one day and full of humour and energy the very next day. They are intellectuals but also impatient at the same time. Gemini women are usually outgoing, sporty, and social butterflies but that doesn't mean they aren't calculative. They are also fond of reading a lot. Since, Geminis are a lot about contrasts, a colour-blocked saree like the red and white one Kajol has draped by Shivan & Narresh is the best for them.

Source: Anavila

Cancer: Caring Yet Cut You Off

Cancer women are traditionally very soft but they are also very tough when they have to be. They are the most caring out of all the zodiac signs and yet they can cut you off coldly if you betray them. They are emotional, rooted, intuitive, and family-oriented. Cancer women are also very hardworking and loyal to the core. Going by the personality traits of Cancer, they should drape a saree, which features soft hues but with an earthy touch. This linen soft pink saree by Anavila will suit their personality. The saree has a soothing touch and yet it also exudes a detached vibe.

Source: Saree- Madhurya, Corset Blouse- Falguni Shane Peacock

Leo: Bold Yet Warm

Leos are the royal sign and Leo ladies are born to rule. They don't care much about conformism and their temper is a hard pill to digest. So, don't mess with Leo women! Okay, we won't scare you too much and will instead tell you that Leos are fun and friendly. They can light up any party and definitely have an adventurous side to them. They are also very confident and can be surprisingly warm too. A Leo woman's colour is undoubtedly golden. So, Kangana Ranaut's Cannes saree by Madhurya and embellished corset blouse by Falguni & Shane Peacock with purple gloves, will bring out the vivacious side of Leo and by the way, who cares about stereotypical blouses.

Source: Rahul Mishra

Virgo: Helpful Yet Critical

Virgo is an earth sign and the ladies of this zodiac sign are very meticulous and detail-oriented because they want things perfect. Virgo women are also very nit-picking and critical but it is mostly because they think you can do better than that, which also makes them very helpful. They also take time choosing gifts and they will mostly gift you something that has utility. Virgo women are soft-spoken, practical, and very wise with money matters. Since, they give great importance to detailing, this Rahul Mishra's chikankari saree draped by Deepika Padukone is ideal for Virgo women. Intricacies matter to them so their sarees should be as painstakingly done as possible - they would appreciate it.

Source: Rimzim Dadu

Libra: Imaginative Yet Real

Libra is the second air sign and they are a lot about creating a fine balance. So, if you find yourself having fun and intelligent conversations with a Libra lady on a rooftop restaurant, consider yourself lucky but after a couple of days, they might retreat and get into their introverted mode. Libra women can be about imagining dreamy vacations but they are also the ones, who would be keeping their mutual funds' investments in check. Libra women are tactful, humanitarian, positive, yet also argumentative. So, this textured saree by Rimzim Dadu, which is understated yet dramatic with a structured organised touch, is what would perfectly define a Libra woman.

Source: Sabyasachi

Scorpio: Intense Yet Hidden

One of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, you know a Scorpio woman only when you know her. She is intense and can feel emotions strongly but she knows how to keep her intensity hidden under a calm exterior, which is why she is intriguing. She can come across as aloof and calm but with her, you can have the most engaging conversations. She is very protective about people she cares for. She might be a maximalist but her style is never tasteless. So, a Sabyasachi sare, which is as intense as this bright red one, is perfect for a Scorpio lady. And yes, she wouldn't be shy about sporting heavy jewellery either.

Source: Picchika by Urvashi Sethi

Sagittarius: Free-Spirited Yet Committed

Sagittarius is a fire sign along with Aries and Leo but it is the most free-spirited fire sign. You can't be a control freak and be with a Sagittarius woman, you have to let them be. And yet, paradoxically, they can be the most loyal and committed sign. Sagittarius women are wanderers, explorers, and risk-takers. They can get very bored when things become stagnant. They are very proactive and can make awesome friends. Sagittarius women are always up for an adventure and they can be blunt as well. Since Sagittarius women love surprising people or shocking them, their saree has to be larger-than-life. A light nature-inspired (they love nature) with their nickname written on it (for surprise value) like the Picchika by Urvashi Sethi donned by Kareena Kapoor Khan, is perfect for them.

Source: Maku

Capricorn: Humble Yet Ambitious

The earth sign, Capricorn is old-school but can adapt to the new ways the fastest. A Capricorn woman can appear to be stern but she is more than often calm, composed, and collected. The ladies of this zodiac sign are simple and humble but they are highly ambitious when it comes to their career. They like to plan it out meticulously and are very organised - a bit no-nonsense too. However, she is also an idealist and romantic. A soft and feminine saree from the label, Maku as shown in the picture not only captures the simplicity and professionalism of Capricorn woman but with a sprinkle of light floral accents, it shows her romantic side too.

Source: Mahira Khan's Instagram

Aquarius: Dreamy Yet Deep Thinkers

Aquarius is an air sign and the eleventh sign of the zodiac is progressive. The women of this sign think ahead of their times and they are pretty original in ideas too - the reason Aquarius can enhance the teamwork. They are humanitarians and will always support the underdogs of the world but they can also be a lot aloof. The Aquarius women can zone out from a conversation easily and then come back again only to find they have lost track. Nonetheless, they are good talkers and listeners, and they can have a discussion on almost anything. The women of Aquarius zodiac sign are dreamy but can be deep thinkers too. A mixture of many elements, unconventional, and abstract, this saree of Mahira Khan's would definitely complement an Aquarius lady's personality.

Source: Padmaja

Pisces: Perfectionist Yet Idealist

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign. Pisces ladies are always striving for perfection in whatever field they are in. They like to push others also in order to achieve perfection. Pisces is a quiet sign but has a lot of inner strength. They are also deeply emotional and romantic but more than often they don't express emotions and love so easily. Pisces women are also spiritual and are interested in the intricacies of human nature. They are also empathetic and compassionate. So, soothing and understated saree with a whiff of romantic touch like the one by Padmaja Online draped by Malavika Mohanan is perfect for a Pisces woman.

So, what's your zodiac sign and which one is your favourite saree? Let us know that.

Cover Picture Credits: Anavila and Mahira Khan's Instagram

Story first published: Monday, May 11, 2020, 11:07 [IST]