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OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition Smartphone Launched; It's Time To Capture The Real You!

By Staff
OPPO F5 Siddharth Malhotra Limited Edition Phone Unboxing

After unveiling the OPPO F3 Deepika Edition last year, OPPO is back with yet another special edition featuring a Bollywood star.

This time, it's their male brand ambassador Sidharth Malhotra who has a new version of a smartphone dedicated to himself. The actor launched the new 'OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition' at an event in Mumbai on Saturday i.e. Feb 3, 2018.

With its exquisite design and bold style, the OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition' is your life-long companion who promises to be always by your side as you chase your dreams. It's eye-catching blue colour looks captivating and is just what you need to make the ultimate style statement. Further, an exclusive wallpaper of the dashing Sidharth Malhotra on this limited edition is an added bonus.

Narrating his younger days at the launch event, Sidharth said, 'When I was in my 12th and went to college, phones used to be very expensive at that time. In my family, we couldn't afford to have a phone for each of us. So, we used to have one phone that used to be with mom and dad which we would share with their permission. Such were those days. Today to have a phone under my name as the 'OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition, is a very surreal experience'."

The USP of the OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition is the 6"FHD+ Full Screen and the brilliant 20 MP AI Beauty Front Camera that examines every angle of your face to give you a 'perfectly refined and natural selfie'.

Talking about it, he added, "The highlight of this phone is definitely the design and this shiny tinge of blue. This colour talks about my personality being cool and easy. We are always requested to click selfies 24x7 wherever we are. Sometimes unfortunately we can't and sometimes when we are in a hurry, the images come blurry, that's when this phone's AI technology comes to the rescue. I would recommend this to all the fans who want to click pictures and then correct it later. I am really happy and proud and thank you OPPO for this really cool association."

At the launch event held, post unveiling the new limited smartphone edition, OPPO treated the audience with the full version of the OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition movie featuring him and Kriti Kharbanda, which was followed by a Q & A session. A cookie contest was also held wherein the winner took back home this newly launched special edition phone.

The OPPO F5 Sidharth Limited Edition is priced at Rs. 19990. The sale for the smartphone begins exclusive on Amazon on Feb 8, 2018 and will be available in stores from Feb 9, 2018.

Well, well... That's not all. We have something special for you. A complete unboxing and specs review of the OPPO F5. So go ahead and check it out!

OPPO Unboxing And Specs Review

OPPO has gone ahead and created a phone inspired by this hot hunk's dashing handsomeness, but is it the same as its cousins - the red, rose gold, and black versions? Let's find out.

Same Look, Different Body

The new limited edition F5 comes in a plastic body that immediately wows you with its electric blue colour that shimmers when you tilt it in your hands.

Unfortunately, the 'wow' factor turns sour once you pick it up since plastic is notorious for picking up fingerprints and dirt. And that's the case with this phone as well, although it was not so for its cousins - the earlier variants - since they all came in a metal body.

Other than this, the new limited edition OPPO F5 has pretty much the same specs as the earlier models. Namely, a 6 inch bezel-less screen that has a full HD resolution of 2160x1080 pixels and similar functionality.

One other difference between this model and the previous models is that, this one has a better colour saturation and is not as harsh on the eyes as we experienced with the rose gold F5.

Selfie Expert Not Just In Name

OPPO has always marketed itself as a phone for the selfie-freaks. That's why most of its phones have a more powerful front camera as compared to the rear one.

It's the same with the new limited edition F5, which has a brilliant 20 MP front camera and a 16 MP rear cam. And the phone delivers on the promise made by the brand tagline.

Each and every selfie taken with it turned out really good. So much so, in fact, that I did not feel the need to use the Beauty feature at all!

And the rear camera did a smashing job too when we used it to take some daylight photographs of a busy street and a little child.

A Fast Phone For A Fast World

The new limited edition comes in 2 variants like its cousins - with either a 4 GB RAM or a 6 GB one. Enough to keep this super light phone (weighing only 150 g!) super quick.

And a 3200 mAH battery with the latest Android 7.1 run on OPPO's ColorOS is the icing on the cake.

In fact, if you are one of those people who are irritated by the fact that most dual sim phones cannot house 2 sims and a microSD card at the same time, then you can rejoice now because, like its cousins, the new Sidharth Malhotra limited edition F5 comes with slots for housing 2 sim cards and a microSD at the same time!

Hmm... Pretty impressive, isn't it? We can't wait to get one, when are you?

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