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Love Your Self(ie) With The New OPPO F7

By Staff

In a world filled with Kardashians and Instagram body-selfies, it's pretty much of a hard task to feel beautiful these days. No offence to these public figures and neoteric social trends; but these ubiquitous influencers promote a diluted and false conception of what real beauty is.

We are in a time where notions of beauty are so heavily regulated and controlled by the media that most of us live our lives totally unsatisfied with our appearances.

But, take a break, guys!

Beauty, for sure, comes in different forms. As the famous quote runs-"beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"-let's all take a break from how the rest of the world judges our appearances.

Definitely, self-portraits don't determine a woman's value in her own eyes. But, taking a picture in the best possible lighting with a flattering filter can do wonders for her self-esteem - she finds herself feeling happier, prettier, and more confident!

Selfies help lots of young women define their own parameters of beauty and cultivate self-confidence.

You don't necessarily need to be going somewhere to take a selfie. You don't even need to be wearing make-up. If you're feeling good about yourself and you want to capture it in a selfie, go ahead. Down the line, the idea is to put the spotlight on your inner beauty.

And making it possible is the all-new OPPO F7. Now, your selfies speak volumes as you capture yourself with this latest version of artistically crafted and precisely built "Selfie Expert". You just tap the capture button, and your F7 does the rest of the magic. Literally!

This newly launched smartphone from OPPO hosts the industry's first 25MP Front Camera with a real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology, exclusively designed for this model. What does it do? Well, it gives your selfies higher range of luminance levels, even in low-light scenarios. It also captures more details, contrast, and colour range to reveal brighter, clearer, and more vibrant selfies.

But what sets the OPPO F7 apart from its competitors is the in-built and improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) Beauty 2.0 technology. This stellar feature can precisely recognize and delicately beautify your each facial attribute separately, as a result, bringing out the best version of you.

The AI mechanism scans 296 facial recognition points, references each subject within an image against a global database of facial shots to learn the facial features, shapes, and structures. Based on that, it makes subtle yet natural-looking beautification enhancements.

And guess what? Based on the regular edits you make to the images, the AI feature learns your beautification preferences, and automatically creates similar adjustments on the subsequent photos. Isn't this next-generation application of AI totally mind blowing? If it's not, let us tell you that F7 is also capable of providing differentiated beautification touch-ups for boys and girls in a group selfie! Wow!

Guess what? You can be your Personal Beauty Assistant with the OPPO F7's Cover Shot feature. You can play with your selfies' colour saturation, enhancing the colour of clothes and backgrounds, giving them a magazine cover-like outlook.

Forget Snapchat, as the OPPO F7 has introduced AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers, with which you can turn your selfies into a look-alike cute rabbit or a movie star, ready for social media sharing!

So, what are you waiting for? Show the world your true inner beauty with the amazing OPPO F7, now!

The OPPO F7 comes with India's first 6.2" Super Full Notch Screen and is available in three different colours to choose from - Solar Red, Moonlight Silver and Diamond Black - depending on your personality.

Well, we can say without a doubt that F7, indeed, has been "Designed for Life".

Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2018, 13:27 [IST]
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