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Kim Kardashian Reveals That Her Met Gala 2019 Dress Left Her With Wounds



If there's something that fashion can do is that it can make people push themselves beyond their comfort zone. And in Kim Kardashian's case, she went beyond her comfort zone quite literally. Her pushing herself was to the extent where she put herself in an uncomfortable state. But see, she did it all for her love for fashion and to meet the theme of this year's Met Gala, "Camp". So, the theme of the Met Gala 2019 was based around exaggeration and artifice. Kim ticked both the boxes but it wasn't something done effortlessly by Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview to the Wall Street Journal, where she also talked about Kimono shapewear controversy, Kim revealed about her famous "Camp" attire too.


So, Kim wore a Thierry Mugler's dress to bring out her understanding of the theme. She wore an intense figure-flattering dress and nailed the iconic 'Wet Look'. Honestly, it was beyond couture and just a look at it and one would tell how artistic this dress was. However, the attire clung way too tightly to her body. "I never felt pain like that in my life," she told this to the Wall Street Journal. She also revealed that after taking off her dress, there were indentations on her back and stomach. Kimalso said to the WSJ that she was not able to pee for hours (she didn't remove her ribs though).

That shapely tiny waist was the result of a Mister Pearl corset and there have news of her taking breathing lessons because of her ensemble. Now, corsets are not popular anymore and there is a reason. Firstly, corsets make movements restrictive and it gets hard to breath as you noticed in Kim'scase. Second, corsets stereotype body shape and can create body image issues. Kim's dress was a proof that in order to deliver a masterpiece stroke how much a designer is willing to make uncomfortable ensembles and bring back the past sensibilities, which a number of women today wouldn't even think of incorporating in their day-to-day or party life. Do you think, when it comes to fashion, you would want to push yourself ever in order to create a statement moment but at the cost of your comfort?

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