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How To Keep Your January 2016 Stylish – For Lazy Fashion Lovers


You love fashion but you are just too lazy to get up and accompany your girlfriends to shopping? You'd rather watch fashion TV or read a Cosmo, only if it's in your reach? Well, you are not alone.

Laziness is a big thing and when you love fashion and sleep equally, it's even more difficult. So today, we have decided to make your life easy and provide you with the best solutions for the January fashoin 2016. More like...A guide to make your January 2016 stylish for lazy fashionistas.

In this piece, we have gathered only those clothing items which do not require much styling. All you have to do is just own one and put on. There is no trial and error. Just put one of these and walk in to a party looking like Adele at Grammys.


Embellished Beanie

Too lazy to style your hair? We don't blame you. It's winter, after all, even the Prime Minister is lazy. So we, commoners, can get away with being lazy. But what about crashing in a party with a style statement without having to do much? Well, add an embellished beanie. Don't just go out with a boring maroon beanie. And who said beanies cannot be stylish?


Knee-Length Socks

Are you one of those who are too reluctant to shop for a good pair of shoes. Heels, aren't your cup of tea? Well, why not just wear a vibrant pair of socks? In fact, wear a pair of colourful knee-length socks on Mary Janes or sneakers. Easy?


Heavily-Knitted Sweaters

Can't match your leather skirt with a perfect top? Too lazy to get out of the fluffy quit and go for changing trials. Well, just get a heavily-knitted sweater, and add leather pants/leggings. And to cap it all off, put on your white sneakers.



We know for procrastinators the best clothing item is something that comes with comfort. So definitely not denims and leather skirt. Because they impede your movements. So the best option to style you lazies will be a knitted short. Add the aforementioned knee-length and you are as stylish as Rihanna for red carpet. Too much? But close to Rihanna, on a regular day.


Grey Coats

Can't decide which layer to put on first? Or should you match a cardigan with a peter pan collar? Well, drop all of that. Just wear your sweats and a tee you slept in and add the most gorgeous looking grey coat you have. Believe us, nobody will even get the hint of you ignoring showers for weeks. Don't forget to add red lipstick.

All pictures are taken via Pinterest.

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