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Did You Know Assam Is A Way More Fashionable State Than Fashion Capitals Of The Country?


Assam as rich in style and fashion as it is in producing silk It produces a huge amount of Assam silk every year. Bihu is the time when we see a lot of people drenched in Muga silk, Pat silk. Yes, today we are discussing about Assam silk, ways to drape it, and look fashionable.

Assam is located in the North Eastern region of India. It is situated betwixt plains and hills. It shares its borders with many other Indian states, of course the seven sisters and West Bengal. It also shares international border with Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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Assam is basically located in the southern Himalayan region, the Barak valley and the Brahmaputra valley. It is a major tea producing state in the country. It is known for its tea and the heart-throbbing scenic beauties. The major festival of Assam is Bihu, which is basically a harvest festival. Assam is rich in culture, art, music, dance and diversity.

Well, this was the introduction for Assam. Now let us go on to the main part of our discussion that is: fashion. We on Boldsky are very much adherent of fashion and style. If you're a regular reader you already know about our segment The Fashionable Indian States where we discuss fashion and style associated with a particular state. And those of you might have missed this section, can check our last article here:

Assamese traditional dress is known as Mekhela Chador. Mekhela is a skirt, and Chador is a saree. It is a two piece dress. The Mekhela is a cylindrical cloth, which is pleated around the waist. The Chador is a long length cloth that has its one end tucked in the upper portion of mekhela and the rest draped around the rest of the body. , the chador is tucked in triangular folds. A fitted blouse is don along with mekhela and chador, athough earlier a garment called Riha was worn in place of a simple blouse. A Riha is still worn as a part of the Assamese bridal trousseau, but over a fitted blouse. The ornamental designs are traditionally woven,not printed.

So by now we hope you've an idea of how to drape an Assamese Mekhela Chador. To know more about the Indian fashionable states.Keep checking this column. Don't forget to write on what you feel about the Mekhela Chador.

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