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8 Ways To Quick & Easy Wash Your Expensive Bras To Make Them Last Longer


Have you been washing your bras without a care in the world? Have you been machine washing your lace bras? Or, you have not yet made yourself a lingerie drawer? If you do all that you need to stop that right away and read this article.

If you're a lover of good looking lingerie, then I'm sure you spend quite a lot on it. Bras are not cheap. In fact, they are as expensive as a pair of denim. But more delicate. While a denim can take any type of washing and can stand any mishandling but a bra won't.

Especially, the lace and satin bras. Since bras are essential and the most basic item in the wardrobe you need to treat them with utter luxury.

In case, you spend a lot of money on your bras and love collection delicate piece of lingerie, you need to focus on taking care of your bras more. Because you surely want them to lats. Don't you?

In this piece, I have listed 8 quick and easy ways to take care of your bras. Keep your bras safe and give them the extra care that the need and help them last longer.


Wash With Hands

Bras are delicate. Especially the lace ones. And if you're one of those who spend chunks of money on La Senza then you should keep this in mind -- Always wash bras with hands.


Dry Them In A Proper Way

Don't just hang them anywhere. Get spare hangers and leave them to dry on hangers. Don't put cloth pins on your bras since they disrupt the shape of your pad.


Always Hook Them Up!

When you're leaving your bras out to dry. Make sure you hook each one of them so that they don't fall from the hanger.


Use Lingerie Washing Bags

Make sure you use lingerie washing bags if in case you are washing your bars in a machine.


Separate Light From Dark

If you have different shades of bras, it's better to wash light shades and dark shades separates. This will help you avoid colour patches on your expensive bras.


Avoid Machine Use

When it come lingerie, avoid using a washingmachine as much as possible. For cotton bras, you can surely use machine but for lace bras, padded bras, and underwire bras you should definitely use your hands.


Arrange Them Properly

Make a section in your drawer. better if you already have a lingerie drawer. Arrange them properly. Don't fold and keep it. If you fold the bras and keep it will deform the shape of your pads.


Give Extra Care To Pads

Use detergent conditioner for washing the pads of your bra. The pads tend to absorb sweat so it's important to wash them properly taking care of pads.

Story first published: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 12:12 [IST]
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