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7 Easy & Quick Home Fashion Remedies To Look Taller Without Heels #PossibleNow


Yes! It's no more a secret thing. Some fashion mavens finally heard your prayers and cracked the code of how to look taller without having to wear heels.

Being short is not okay with people. And I don't understand why? Well, it's not okay with people around. 'Shorty', 'Tiny', 'Chottu', all these names are just so annoying. Also, you're forever known as the chottu of the group.

While college and school ended with name callings, it doesn't have to be same anymore. Because now you have brains and this article to trick all your friends.

With a few simple tricks, you can look taller instantly. And the best part is, these tricks come handy. You might already have it in your closet. So you don't have to spend extra money.

Stop wasting money on boost or complain or anything that you think that can gain you some height and start reading this:


Horizontal Stripes!

You might already have horizontal striped pyjamas or formal pants. Try adding horizontal stripes to top as well. It's hard to believe but this sure gives a taller illusion.


Monochrome Outfits

Wearing thesame colour for top and bottom will also help you in looking taller than you are. Since the colour blend acts as the adding-height-factor.


V-Neck Tees/Tops

V-neck tees will draw attention to your neck. Making your neck appear longer. In short, adding more height.


Romper Suits

Don't you already own one of these? Well, wear them now. The more you show off your legs, the more likely you are to appear tall.


High-Waist Pants

High-waist pants adds inches to your bottom. Making your bottom appear taller than your torso and helping you to look taller.


Maxi Dresses

While tall people may avoid them occasionally. You can love these babies. A maxi dress will add inches to your height.


Small Bags!

Yes. Small Bags! While many avoid these details, but if you follow them meticulously you can trick people. A big bag will add width making you appear shorter than you are. While a small bag will bring out your height.

Try these tricks next you head work or your school reunion and shut your friends up right away!

All images are taken via Pinterest

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