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Game Of Thrones Inspired Tank Tops


Game Of Thrones Believers, Followers, Lovers, Haters, and also Ignorants, lend me your eyes.

Because that's will help you to read my article. Sadly, Season 5 is over and we have to wait for an entire year for the next season to air, which is not very certain, considering the behavior of our writer George R.R. Martin.

I do not intend to rub it in for your guys, but alas! That's the saddest truth of our lives.
Like the death of our beloved John Snow was not enough, that now I've come here to remind you that there are no more episodes left for you to watch for the rest of the year.

However, I've just the right thing for you to relish your GOT love until the next season, and that is watching the entire show again. No. Even better, Game Of Thrones Tank Tops with GOT quotes. Isn't this the best thing ever?

What if I told you there is a tank top out there with the famous GOT quotes typography. Wouldn't you just jump, scream, and then finally buy it out of utter happiness? Well, this has happened my friend.

There sure is a place where you can buy these fancy tank tops. Even if you aren't able to buy it for some technical/country reasons, you can always adapt the style and get it made for yourself.
So let's have a look at the must haves for a GOT fan:

1. The Infamous Ygritte's Quote: You might have guessed it already, since we all know a way better than poor John Snow. Imagine, you donning this tank top next year during next season's launch and all your friends would be like: Oh My God!

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2. The Dragon Lady Quote: There is no way, we are not bringing up the most badass queens in the show. For you Khaleesis, here's a tank top for you that fancies Daenerys Targaryen famous quote.

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3. The Bloody Wedding: Which wedding is not bloody in GOT? And when I say bloody, I literally, mean bloody. However, we all have our favorite bloody weddings in GOT. I appreciate Joffrey's death so yes, for me purple wedding is more favorable, but you might like slaughter in the red wedding. Either ways this tank top is best suited for your likings.

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4. Dragons: Are you kidding me? The best thing about the show is the dragons and no way, I missing those gigantic meat-eating animals. This tank top highlights Danny's pet dragon names. So, if you are not a GOT follower and are reading this, you better start watching the show. Imagine, a show with pet dragons, how awesome is that!

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5. 7 Kingdoms: What if you could wear a tank top that features the 7 kingdoms. You can even play atlas on it. Good Luck with finding Drone land, though.

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6. Jack Daniel's Tribute: Here's a brilliant artistic feature that combines your JD love with GOT love. Mostly, it talks about Castle Black and John Snow, but who cares? It's whiskey and a show on dragons.

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7. Spoiler Alert: How many times you wanted to beat the s**** out of a person who gave you unwanted episode update even before you've seen the episode? So here's to you hating your spoilers.

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I hope you guys loved reading it as much I loved writing this post. Also, if you have absolutely no clue about what this is. First, seriously? What is wrong with you? And second, dragons, kingdoms, dead people who are very much alive, and impromptu death of your favorite character; isn't that enough to
convince you start watching it and hating George R.R.Martin, and yet love him for this master piece called Game Of Thrones?