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5 Ways To Look Thinner In Clothes


Looking fatter in pictures is always a concern for many girls. Sometimes, a less curvy girl tends to look fatter and there are also some who likes to hide their curves with some style hacks.

We will be telling you few tricks that can actually make your nerves calm and inform you about looking thinner with these simple style hacks.


Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are totally a Fairy Godmother's gift to people who want to look thinner with their style books. This is possible. Try on any vertically striped attire including tops, shirts, skirts or even trousers. Anything vertically striped you were, you are bound to look thinner. This is the magic.



Shrugs are not just light winter attires, its role is much more. Did you know that wearing shrugs can reduce your weight? Not joking! Shrugs can make you look much thinner if you wear it on a top or tee. Darker shaded shrugs have more effect than others.


Narrow Maxi Skirts

Narrow maxi skirts are marvellous and come with different designs, patterns and whatnot. They definitely make you look slimmer than your appearance. If you are looking for a slimmer look, go give this a try and our suggestion would not disappoint you.


Wear Deep Neck Tops

Deep neck tops and shirts actually make you look thinner. This might seem weird to you but trust us, this magic is possible. You can make yourself look thinner with a skin show and if you collar bones, definitely flaunt them as they look hotter. This is an incredible slim-looking magic trick.


Wear Heels

The higher heels you wear, the taller you become. Well, it is obvious and you knew that. What you did not know that wearing pencil and thin heels actually make you look slimmer than your actual shape. If you are a heels person and quite comfortable in them, you are welcome to choose and look slimmer.

In case you do not like heels, we have the former suggestions for you.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 21:41 [IST]
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