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Five Must Have Fashion Apparel For Men This Season!

By Staff

Boys, hola! We've got something in store for you. Well, from some of the previous Boldsky records and comments we've come to know; most of the people complain of not writing about men's fashion. Well that's not entirely true. Boldsky has done some amazing stuff for men's fashion as well.

Today, on Boldsky we are going to take you on a ride where men may go bonkers after seeing some extremely day to day apparel being labeled as fashionable.

Yes, today we are discussing about some regular day to day clothing, that men usually say are boring or just casual. As we know fashion for men can be very vast if we have to speak in detail, and it is not restrained only to jeans and tees.

Keep reading to know about five fashionable apparel for men to have this season. Carry those white denims, joggers, pleated pants with ease, style and confidence again, because they are all in style.

1. Pleats:

Yes, we said pleats. Bring back that vintage styling and also the 90s style back to existence. Pleated long pants, shorts, joggers, formals are very much in style and fashion. Get this trending piece in your closet right away.

2. White Denim:

White denim in fashion? Yes boy, you got that right. White denims which were left alone long back are back into fashion once again. Don't just go for jeans of white denim, but the over sized denim jackets look way too sexy and hot. Get the look right now.

3. Floral Print:

Oomph! Floral shirts, shorts, jackets, coats and scarves are just the thing for you all boys to have this season. Rock and dazzle the streets for hangouts and eateries with these floral pieces. It's time to break the stereotyped saying that floral is very feminine, well no, it could manly and masculine too. Boys, choose this apparel for parties, beaches, dates, movies and breweries.

4. Joggers:

Who said joggers are meant only for jogging or the gym, or walks. Boy, these joggers are glamorous, fashionable and stylish, which can be worn for fancy occasions too. Joggers may come in different styles, pleats, floral, sweat; just flaunt them at the house party that you have this weekend. Hot.

5. Rip And Repair:

Who or which boy wouldn't recognise this piece of style. This is not mediocre if you think it to be. Rip and repair jeans are stylish and glamorous as always. A very casual attire, mostly to be chosen for parties, parks, road trips, getaways and hangouts.

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