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World Bicycle Day 2021: Fashionable Bicycle Looks From Your Favourite Movies For Style Inspiration


Bicycle has been more than just a prop in cinema. Bicycle scenes in the movies are often unforgettable. Romance and revolutions, both have often flourished over bicycles but the bicycle moments from on-screen have also offered fashion goals. Be it retro look or chic edgy look, a number of movies have made sitting on bicycle, a fashionable affair. These movies popularising riding bicycles have made bicycle outfits more than just bicycle shorts. On the World Bicycle Day 2021, we have curated a list of stills from Hindi and English movies, in which you can see actresses flaunting fashionable looks either riding on their bicycles or with their bicycles parked. So, let's decode their looks for some fashionable inspiration, particularly when next time you are riding your bicycle, you can dress up like these actresses.

Bicycle Still From Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

Remember the popular moment from the 1969 movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where there is more than 2 minutes dedicated to the actor and actress riding on a bicycle. While Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy in the movie) is seen riding the bicycle, actress Katherine Ross (Etta Place in the movie) is seen sitting on the handlebar. With the popular number Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head by B.J. Thomas in the backdrop, the scene is a classic romantic with Katherine Ross dressed in a beautiful collared white dress, which was long with a front slit. With the actress sitting barefoot in this white dress, this dress of hers got instantly famous as much as this heartwarming scene from the movie. She has her hair tied into a middle-parted ponytail.

Bicycle Still From PK

There's a romantic still from 2014 movie PK, where Anushka Sharma (Jaggu in the movie) is having a conversation with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput (Sarfaraz in the movie), while riding her bicycle on a cobbled lane of Belgium. In the scene, Anushka is seen dressed in a lovely floral dress with ruffled accents on a peach base. For the scene, she also teamed her dress with a brown jacket and sneakers. With a backpack and pixie cut, Anushka Sharma's bicycle scene from the movie is among the most fashionable scenes with bicycle as a significant element. See, romance flourishes over a bicycle.

Bicycle Still From One Day

This bicycle still from the 2011 movie One Day was rather a sad scene where Anne Hathaway's character (Emma in the movie) has a sudden death when her basket-bicycle gets hit by a truck. This is one of the most touching bicycle scenes from cinema. In the scene, Anne Hathaway is seen dressed in a white shirt with pink patterns and denim jeans. For the scene, she also paired her simple attire with a brown overcoat. The makeup was highlighted by glossy pink lip shade and she also made a strong case for short hairdo in the scene.

Bicycle Still From Made In America

In the 1993 comedy film, Made in America, Whoopi Goldberg made famous a bicycle scene. Sitting on a yellow bicycle, Whoopi gave us one of the most unconventional bicycle outfits from the world of cinema. Whoopi Goldberg (Sarah Mathews in the movie) is seen dressed in an all-white outfit sitting on her bicycle but the outstanding piece from her outfit was undoubtedly that cape. The cape that she wore for the scene was a colourful one with patterns and she teamed it with black-hued formal shoes. With large gold hoops, vintage sunglasses, and dreadlocks hairdo, this is as fashionable as one could get sitting on a bicycle.

Bicycle Still From Dear Zindagi

In the 2016 movie, Dear Zindagi, Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan mesmerised us with their performance in this touching movie, centered around mental health awareness. For one of the scenes, Alia (Kaira in the movie) and Shah Rukh (Jahangir Khan in the movie) are seen cycling. In the scene that also became a poster look, Alia Bhatt is seen dressed in a pretty pink feminine top and distressed denims. With breeze sweeping her wavy locks, Alia Bhatt not only showed us what kind of outfit to flaunt when riding a bicycle but also made us think of riding bicycles in Goa.

Bicycle Still From Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit, a 2019 film, happens to be one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all times. In the movie, among other facets of Nazi Germany, a beautiful and warm bond between mother and son is also explored. For one of the scenes, Scarlett Johansson (Rosie Betzler in the movie) and Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo in the movie) are seen riding their respective bicycles in the Germany countryside. For the movie, Scarlett Johansson's fashion is kept in tune with the sensibilities of the 40s. And in the scene, she is seen flaunting a humble outfit consisting of red and grey striped sweater and black trousers with brown and ivory shoes. Her look is also accessorised with black sunglasses, red lip shade, and a gold pendant. The short side-swept hairdo is what her look is completed with. If you want to keep it simple yet stunning, this is the bicycle look for you.

Bicycle Still From Wedding Crashers

In the 2005 romantic-comedy movie, Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams gave us among the most poetic bicycle scenes. In the scene, Owen Wilson (John Beckwith in the movie) and Rachel McAdams (Claire Cleary) in the movie are seen riding their bicycles through a scenic countryside. For the scene, Rachel McAdams is seen dressed in a skirt and blouse set with a green collared shirt blouse paired with a pink pleated skirt. She looks so beautiful in the scene and yes, you can bicycle and wear skirts for sure.

Bicycle Still From Barfi!

Barfi! not only won the viewers but also the critics. The movie offers stunning locales of Darjeeling and apart from a heartwarming chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the movie, the movie is also lit up with romantic chemistry between the actor and Ileana D' Cruz. In one of the songs from the movie, Ranbir (Barfi in the movie) is seen riding a bicycle with Ileana (Shruti Ghosh) sitting on the handlebar. Ileana is seen flaunting a retro outfit as this movie is set in the 70s. She is seen dressed in a timeless black and white polka-dotted outfit with a knitted scarf and polka-dotted hairband. Actually, even in today's time, if you want heads to turn, flaunt retro look when riding a bicycle.

So, which actress's bicycle look did you like the most from the list? Let us know that on The World Bicycle Day in the comment section.

Picture Credits: Still From The Films