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5 Types Of Bengali Sarees You Can Don With Ease On Durga Puja


Durga Puja is an auspicious time for the devotees of Durga Maa and Bengalis specially. Durga puja and Navratri are celebrated parallely. So Durga puja is also a time of feast for the eastern people. Maa Durga brings happiness, prosperity and peace after defeating the evil and bad . Maa Durga is the goddess of power, strength and the destroyer of evil.

People in Bengal and other parts of east get excited whenever Durga puja arrives. Along with Durga puja comes a grand fashion parade, especially in Kolkata. Kolkata is called the city of joy, the city of sweets and the city of Alta. When this beautiful city has so much to offer us, how can it lack in fashion quotient?

The Tanti saree, Benarasi saree and what not Today, we are going to show you five types of Bengali saree that anyone can don on this Durga puja. Let's have a sneak peek:

1. Tant Sarees

Tant or Tanti is a basic type of Bengali cotton. These sarees are stiff and starched, so they need to washed before wearing (if it is new). Tant sarees are worn in summers as they are very light and comfortable. It looks even more beautiful if draped in a traditional Bengali style.

2. Swarnachari

Swarnachari is a type of Baluchari saree, where the detailing is done with gold zari . It looks immensely beautiful on the young ladies and the newlyweds. These sarees are high -priced and are rare to find these days, because it takes a lot of effort to make such beautiful masterpieces.

3. Garad

Ah! the typical Bengali saree, which we commonly see almost everywhere. The typical red and white, depicting the bongs. It is traditionally known as Garad or Koiral saree. The saree has a papery finish to it.

4. Benarasi Saree

Benarasi silk sarees are very popular in Bengal, and are loved by everybody in Bengal. A typical bong bride always prefers to wear a gaudy Benarsi saree for her wedding. You can definitely opt this style for puja. If you're married and haven't worn your Benarasi saree in a long time, then this it; get them out of the closet.

5. Zamdani Sarees

The plain red and white Zamdani saree is pretty elegant and minimalistic. This saree is versatile in nature, because whether we drape it in a traditional Bengali style, or pleat them in a pallu style; either way itlooks good and elegant. For puja make it traditional, and for street style make it pleated.

So, by now you must have got a proper idea, of how to don those beautiful bengali sarees, this durga puja. We at Boldsky wish you a very happy Durga Puja.
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Story first published: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 13:03 [IST]
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