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Are You 20-Something? Please Avoid These Fashion Mistakes

By Rima Chowdhury

Most of the time the life of a girl revolves around the world of fashion and beauty. We all have been cautious enough to spend time thinking about what looks best on us and what to wear for the next party. But sometimes, over thinking can end up in a disaster, yes the fashion disaster. We might have committed endless mistakes during our 20s.

Here are the fashion mistakes we all make during our 20s.


1. Street shopping

Street shopping is one of the biggest mistakes we made during our 20s. We bought dresses from the streets and then cried about the cheap quality of the garment. Street shopping is still a fantasy for people in their 20s because it brings a lot of fun and enjoyment. Avoid shopping from the streets as they offer you low-quality goods at dirt cheap prices.


2. Buying A Thing Again And Again

Admit it, that if we have a soft corner for one of our favourite belongings, we end up buying them again and again. It can be a basic white shirt or a blue denim. We don't mind purchasing the same garment again and again. Believe me, I have a set of 6 white T-shirts which look absolutely the same.


3. The Size Blunders

We have been guilty of committing size blunders over and over again. We have always picked up the small size because somehow we thought wearing a small size can make us look slim and thin. Wearing the wrong size has always been a matter of pride during our 20s. Now, I have finally realized that wearing the wrong size can end up making you look like a cheap and low on fashion girl.


4. Overpaying For Low-Value Clothes

Everyone of us has done this during our 20s and let's accept it now. We have overpaid for branded clothes. A garment need not be good just because it belongs to a particular brand. However, some people are still crazy for brands and they don't mind spending all their hard earned cash for the brand label name.


5. Discriminated Between Western And Indian Dresses

When I was in my 20s, girls were divided into two groups - the girls who wore Indian clothes and the girls who wore western clothes. According to our society, at one point of time, the girl who wore Indian wear was high on morals and values while other girls who could afford to wear western clothes were considered as girls with a lot of attitude and pride. Now I believe, I feel confident in all types of attire I wear.


6. Not Wearing The Same Clothes

I have grown up and I have finally realized that wearing the same piece of garment twice in a week is absolutely not a big deal. You can wear it and carry yourself with pride. During your 20s, you must have almost convinced yourself that if you wear the same clothes again and again, people will notice you and might judge you for the same.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 12:15 [IST]
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