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Durga Puja Ashtami Special: Types Of Tant Saris


Ashtami is considered to be the most important day of Durga Puja. Even women who never like to wear traditional attires love to be dressed in authentic Bengali saris.

While Tant is the most popular sari produced in Bengal, it is much preferrable to wear Tant on this day. For every Bengali, Durga Ashtami mornings start with the traditional 'pushpanjali' after wearing new saris and the eternal favourite ''Taant-er sari'' has no other comparison.


Tant saris are available in all prints, colours and also have modified into different varieties. This is a kind of sari that women with all taste of colours and style can wear.

A Bengali's signature look on Ashtami is a Tant-er sari, kohl in the eyes and a small red bindi. Bengal's chief minister Mamata Banerjee is known for her love of tant saris.

Here are the types of tant saris which you can try on the auspicious occassion of Durga Ashtami.


Jamdani and Tangail

The typical Dhakai Jamdani tant is produced in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are produced by traditional sari weavers of East Bengal. Earlier, monarchs or 'jamidars' of Bengal used to provide such saris to the women of their family as it is that royal.

Tangail is another place in Bangladesh which is popular for tant weavers. Tangail tant is also very beautiful and very similar to 'Dhakai' tant. You can definitely try on a Dhakai or Tangail tant to make yourself look like a pretty Durga idol.


Motif Prints

Tant is traditionally made with the wide border and prints like motifs which have been there for years. Different motif patterns have been used in tant saris over the years and now the motif patterns have also been modernized.

As motifs are actually one of the most trending print styles, you can surely try a motif printed tant sari.

There are many popular motifs that are adored by tant lovers. Some of them are 'chand-mala' ( moon's garland), 'ardha chandra' (half moon), 'ansh' (fish scale), 'nilambari' (blue sky), 'raj mahal' (palace), tara (star) and 'benki' ( spiral).

There are a variety of these motif prints which can turn your Ashtami look to be prettier than ever.


Floral Print

Floral printed tant saris are most of the time a part of motif printed tants but they have variations too. Not always a floral printed tant has to be in motif patterns. There are different kinds of floral prints on tant saris and if you want to explore, you can find many for your Ashtami special look.


Paisely Print

Paisely print has been widely used in Bengal and in Kalamkari print also they use paisely pattern. Similar to floral, paisley pattern is also a part of motifs but they are also differently used. In Bengali this print is called a 'kalka' and they look amazing.

We recommend you to try this pattern of tant sari for your Ashtami morning and evening.


Embroidered Tant

This type of tant sari is not very traditional but it looks really gorgeous and colourful. We recommend you to try this style of tant and make your Ashtami look brighter. From golden zari embroidery to katha stitch, embroidered tant is highly popular these days.


Fabric Print

Fabric art is very popular and needs a strenuous work of the artisans who work on such saris. Imagine a 6-yard-long sari with fabric art all over the body. The beautiful it looks, the harder work has gone into it.

We recommend you to try on this kind of tant so that your Ashtami look does not fade away.

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