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7 Outfits That Every Dance Fashionista Should Know About


Fashion and clothing have always been an integral part of dance with a lot of emphasis laid on costumes. It's also a coming together of two sections of arts, the performing arts with the visual and creation arts. With the Dublin Dance Festival happening right now, we got a little inspired.

There are numerous dance forms across the globe; and along with that, there are the stunning costumes and outfits that the dancers and performers wear. In India alone, we can see over a dozen of dance forms with the most strikingly beautiful costumes ever.

Similarly, we have western dance forms that have achieved an international status and have entertained us on various shows. The dance moves look amazing and the costumes take on the character of a supporting role and uplift all the moves and set the mood up.

We love how each type of costume is not only for a visual treat, but also serves the purpose of functionality and movemnet. So, today, let's have a look at some of the popular international dance costumes that we have always admired from afar.


The Waltz Costume

The smooth and slow folk dance requires for a graceful ballroom gown with a free flow and a pretty princess look; and of course, a sharply dressed man in a suit by your arm.


The Ballet Costume

Dainty and picturesque are what define a ballet dance, with soft colours, a fitted body suit with a pair of slacks and a pretty tulle tutu skirt that shouts out everything ballet.


The Salsa Costume

Sexy, colourful and amusing is what a salsa costume is all about. There is something so alluring about the Latin American costumes and the sensuality associated with them.


The Jive Costume

Lively and uninhibited, this dance form evolved from ballroom dancing to something preppier. The costumes are just as preppy with an oldschool touch to it. Ruffles and sweet heart necklines on shorter dresses are what you find in these costumes.


The Samba Costume

The traditional Brazilian dance is sexy and fun, it requires minimal clothing to make dancing easier and has feathers, chains and beads to add that extra bit of sass.


The Hip-Hop Costume

Pop culture led to hip-hop outfits that are going on to become casual wear amongst teens, baggy low-waist pants with sweats and a hoodie with statement pieces and hats.


The Rumba Costume

Flouncy, layered and exaggerated, the modern-day rumba costume has deviated to become sexier and shinier with tassels that make the moves look even more flowy and crisp.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 19, 2016, 15:39 [IST]
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