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Wardrobe Talks: Perks Of Keeping Cotton And Muslin Saree Covers Particularly Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


With severe Covid-19 and amid rising cases, it is necessary for all of us to stay indoors and avoid going out, until absolutely essential. It is also highly discouraged to make leisure trips and avoid weddings and other events with pandemic so grave. While you are also taking care of yourself and adopting measures like wearing double masks etc.., it is also equally important to keep your sarees and other soft fabric clothes covered and protected, in order to avoid possible damage. So, in today's wardrobe talk, we will be talking about how covers can help keep your clothes protected.

Now, since most of us are not stepping out for grand festivities and occasions, we are obviously preferring basics like pyjama sets over luxuries like silk and chiffon sarees or other such clothes. As a result, these precious clothes if not worn or dry-cleaned, or washed, can develop stain and rust over a period of time. This is where cloth or saree covers come in use. A saree cover not only prevents decaying of fabrics but can also be reused. However, we recommend you opt for cotton and muslin saree bags instead of plastic bags, as they are not only eco-friendly but can be reused. Apart from that, a plastic bag contains toxins, which can react with your saree and alter the hue of her saree. Adding to that, in monsoon season, the plastic bags can adversely affect the texture of your saree as these bags tend to trap moisture [1].

Picture Courtesy: Shreeya'sTM

So, these sustainable saree covers basically act like a protective layer and these covers also help keep your wardrobe organised and neat. In fact, you can also use saree covers with a saree safely tucked in it as a gift to your family member or friend. We hope you liked the idea of saree covers.

Cover Picture Courtesy: Antarang