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From January To December, What Colour Outfit To Wear Based On Each Month's Weather?


Ever wondered how each month can govern what coloured outfit you should wear? From January to December, all the months can dictate our fashion choices and the state of mind we are in. Based on the season, weather change, and temperament, we have decoded the outfits for each month for you. Find out what coloured outfit you should wear from January to December.

Courtesy: Richa Chadha's Instagram


The first month of the year and also being the first month everyone is excited and recharged. This is the month when everyone takes initiative and wants to switch to positivity. As far as the season is concerned, it is a cold season often associated with the whiteness of snow but for us, it is also the month when we are planning to blossom the most. In January, while we have to face winter chills, the radiant florals of tomorrow keep us warm and going. In this regard, Richa Chadha's saree is perfect. She wore this saree, which was from Prints By Radhika for Javed Akhtar's birthday. This saree of hers captured the essence of the month with white hue in the backdrop and pink and black and white floral accents. She teamed her saree with a sleeveless black blouse.

Courtesy: Marks & Spencer


The second month is a very special month as it is the month of letting go without really letting go. February is a cold month too and so it is necessary to keep ourselves warm but at the same time, we are anticipating spring. This month, we don't just want to be indoors and sit by the fireplace but put on our sports shoes and do some hiking and enrol ourselves in prospective activities like swimming. This outfit by Marks & Spencer is perfect as it consists of a knotted tuxedo grey jacket and a polka-dotted muted brown skirt. The jacket captures the necessity of winter season and the brown skirt shows while it is still winters and the shades are muted but we anticipate spring. The sports shoes are for running about and getting work done.

Courtesy: Zara


When the spring finally comes, we want to let go of our winter clothes. In the month of March, we want to wear anything that is summery and breezy. The green colour is ideal for the March season as green highlights the first phase of blossoming and this is also the month when greys of winters are replaced by the greens of the spring. March is the month when we see snow melting and trees becoming green again. The green colour also symbolises life, nature, and energy - the ingredients of the spring season. So, in this dress by Zara, the model exudes freshness in her textured sleeveless green dress with frills at the hem. She also holds a bunch of white flowers making it a perfect spring look.

Courtesy: H&M


April is the month when things are their colourful best. It is the season when greens of the plants are accompanied by floral blossoms. It is the month, which is also associated with positivity and sunshine. You have also festivals like Baisakhi in April, which is associated with yellow hue - for yellow, is also the colour of joy and celebration. In this regard, this all-yellow ensemble donned by the model is perfect. She has donned a casual and summery top and matching lemon yellow shorts by H&M, which captures the essence of April month. Her sun-kissed makeup adds to the effect.

Courtesy: Sonam Kapoor's Instagram


May is the season when the transition starts happening in terms of season. It is the month when we completely accept spring and somewhere are at peace. It is not too hot in May and with monsoons approaching, the weather is perfection in May. It is the month, where temperature-wise, the weather gets balances, which makes us feel so much lighter and at ease. And what's a better outfit than a white-hued number to bring out the feel of this month. This dress of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's is ideal for the May season and its sheer and light fabric makes it so summery and soothing. Soothing, yes soothing this month is.

Courtesy: Diana Penty's Instagram


June is the month when we are beckoned to think about monsoons. It is a month between spring and monsoons and so the skies are blue. June is when cool breeze slightly offset the warmth of spring. You can expect a few spells of rain in the month of June but things become sky blue again. June is the calm before the thundering July and August, and so since, blue represents calmness, a blue-hued outfit is ideal for this month. Diana Penty's light wrapped-detailed dress by Forever New is definitely a must-have for the month of June. It has a whiff of cool quotient to it, which makes it a perfect wear for June.

Courtesy: House of Masaba


When the colour of the sky is usually dark blue to indigo, you know it is the month of July. It is the month when we hear thunder and witness downpour quite consistently. July is the month of monsoons but it takes a while for monsoons to come in July. It is usually in the second half of the month of July when monsoon hits and the scent of petrichor makes us nostalgic. The skies are a mostly darker shade of blue in July and so this attire by Masaba is perfect for the month of July as it splashed in the rich shade of blue.

Courtesy: Forever New


August is when rains are at their best and while it is humid, it gets a little cold in August because of a thunderstorm. The skies are mostly grey in August but there are a few blue days in between too. Strangely, though the monsoon season is marked by high humidity, this is the month when we might find ourselves slipping into something warm. August is the month, which is a mix of many elements. So, this woollen grey sweater and blue denims by Forever New are ideal for August season. This combined with a warm light grey sweater is what this month is about.

Courtesy: Radhika Madan's Instagram


When after a thunderstorm, the rain subsides a bit, there is this fiery orange hue, which we witness on the flowering trees and that's when we know September is here. The skies have orangish-tinge, particularly during dusk. When rain cleans everything, there is more clarity and radiance around, which makes the month of September so beautiful and inspires the traveller in us. Radhika Madan's blazing orange Avaro Figlio dress is what captures the spirit of September. The bright hue of the dress not only brings out the orange of September but with a whiff of brownish tinge, it also prepares us for October.

Courtesy: Raffughar


There is no month more poetic than the month of October. It is a month of fallen brown leaves and harvest. Similarly like May, October is another soothing month, when we are between winters and summers. Brown colour also signifies a connection with the earth and we mostly associate October with brown hue. With brown chinar leaves in perspective, you can opt for this soothing brown outfit by Raffughar that brings out the spirit of this month. Consisting of a knotted top with wrinkled accents and complementing half pyjamas, this ensemble is ideal for the month of fall.

Courtesy: Kalki Koechlin's Instagram


Sweet November is when we are at our contemplative best. In the month of November, the beginning of winter season, while we are silently saying goodbye to all things red and crimson like chinar leaves, which signify summers and autumn and slowly welcoming the muted tones of winter. November month is when we are a bit moody and in between warmth and chills. So, an outfit combination like Kalki Koechlin is best for November month. The fiery red pants signify the blazing energy burst of summers and the muted yellow kurta highlight the contrast, which is the quietude of winters.

Courtesy: Turn Black


The nights are longer and so the day is darker in December. It is the month, which is often accompanied by black to grey clouds and a white sheet of snow. Weather-wise, things are so black and white in December. While festivals like Christmas and New Year's Eve are a part of December month, the weather is usually dark, gloomy, and cold. This all-black attire like this one by Turn Black is perfect for December month and black is also the colour, which keeps one warm.

So, which month's outfit did you like the most? Let us know that.

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