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OK! Beyoncé Your Dress Is Gorgeous But The Movie Needs Attention Too


Beyond tropical and animal-inspired prints, Beyoncé broke the cliché and showed us the fantasy side of 'The Lion King' at the premiere event. She wore an Alexander McQueen outfit and rest you can imagine how surreal it would have been. With her ensemble, the singing sensation ruled the internet and won netizens across the globe. Her dramatic attire was painstakingly detailed and it almost had a Met Gala-ish effect. The attire was a visual delight but you see this was just a red carpet premiere. It seemed like a bit of an overwhelming attire for the event.

Her bespoke crystal chandelier embroidered tuxedo dress with a dégradé crystal embroidered skirt and crystal jewellery was undoubtedly a dazzling example of master craftsmanship but hasn't the red carpet of the movie events become less about movies and more about outfits? It is interesting to see the social media flooded with more noise about Beyoncé's attire than the movie itself. If we do a bit of rewinding, at Cannes also we witnessed some ostentatious fashion. The ruffled feathers and larger-than-life cape outfits conquered the red carpet at Cannes and somewhere those outfits stole the thunder of the films.

The recent attire of Beyoncé's also made us question another perspective. Can you only make a fashion statement in today's time with dramatic, sort of theatrical outfits? Today, the red carpets are lit with so many surreal ensembles that it feels deliberate sometimes. However, at the end, we would say Beyoncé pulled off her ensemble confidently but the movie needs some chandelier lighting too. Don't you think so too?

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