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30 Awesome Beach Outfits For Women With Special Suggestions From Our Side To Help You Ace Your Look


Come summers and we want to hit the beach but this year, perhaps not because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, we can always invest in beach outfits for future holidays and even buy some beach outfits, which can be donned at home right now and later on we can wear them to the beach. Now, when it comes to beach outfits, let's admit it that most of us only think of swimsuits and bikinis, isn't it? But no, beach outfits are beyond these two outfits and while bikinis and swimsuits are the outfits that best describe beach wear, there are a number of other ensembles that can be donned to the beach. Yes, some of us don't feel comfortable in bold beach outfits and want something light, summery, and comfy. So, whether you want bikinis or dresses, we have got you covered. We have come with amazing beach outfits that will make you ladies look awesome and distinctive.

Totally Try Out Kaftan Dresses

1. A Short Kaftan Dress

Yes, we won't start our list with a typical beach outfit but with an outfit that we feel should be donned at the beach. If you want something breezy and different, you can opt for a short kaftan dress. A short kaftan dress is available in a myriad of patterns and is usually light. These type of dresses featured flared long sleeves that seem like a part of the dress.

Our Suggestion: You can also wear it over a bikini as a jacket to give your beach look a more vibrant and eye-catching touch. Also, you can wear a hair wrap scarf with a short kaftan dress.

2. A Long Kaftan Dress

Now, some of you are comfier in long dresses, we totally get it. And you might now want a sun-burn on your legs! If that's the case, opt for a long kaftan dress. A long kaftan dress is like a short kaftan dress in structure but only longer. When choosing a long kaftan dress, opt for kaleidoscopic patterns.

Our Suggestion: While with a short kaftan you can wear wedges, with a long kaftan dress, wear flats and since it more likely a patterned number, keep it jewellery-free.

3. A Maxi Dress Kaftan

A maxi dress is a long dress, which can be half-sleeved or full-sleeved. When mixed with kaftan, it is a long dress but with kaftan sleeves. The fabric of a maxi dress kaftan can be slightly thicker and less sheer or not sheer at all. It can also have a sharper asymmetrical folded hem. So, if you want to keep it light and simple, you know what to wear. When opting for a maxi dress kaftan, opt for single-hued colours like grey or humble patterns like stripes.

Our Suggestion: Since usually, maxi kaftan dress has a thicker fabric than a traditional kaftan dress, you can up your look with a quirky long chain.

4. One-Shoulder Kaftan Dress

If you want to keep it a bit bold, go for a one-shoulder kaftan dress. A one-shoulder kaftan dress can be a maxi kaftan dress but with a shoulder-off. These dresses are also comfy and flowy with a breathable fabric. Depending on your taste, you can opt for diverse hues when it comes to a one-shoulder kaftan dress.

Our Suggestion: Don't wear a neckpiece or earrings with a one-shoulder kaftan dress but go for bold hues such as red, emerald green, and deep pink.

Dresses For Beach Which Are Not Kaftan

5. An A-Line Dress

Well, who says you can't wear structured dresses to the beach. You absolutely can! And the best types of dresses in this regard are simple A-line dresses. These dresses feature an A-shaped silhouette and can be of different fabrics like coarse cotton and linen. When choosing an A-line dress, opt for either plain hues like pink or go for subtle floral prints.

Our Suggestion: You can pair a straw hat with an A-line dress as it can accentuate your look. Additionally, you can also wear a delicate pendant with a sleek chain neckpiece with this dress.

6. A Lace Dress

A soft lace dress always looks good at beach. The lace dress can be donned at beaches too. The lace dress can be soft and flowy or with intricate patterns, or with sheer lace sleeves. You can either go for a midi lace dress or a short one. The dress can be a simple one or with a side-slit.

Our Suggestion: Wear light jewellery with a lace dress and keep your makeup light for a softer appearance.

7. A Cute Little White Dress

A cute little white dress also looks good on the beach. Yes, you can reserve your little black dresses for parties but when it comes to a sunny day on the beach, a white dress is what you will need. A white dress can be a simple cotton one, crochet, or even a sheer lace one. Adding to that, it can have a deep neckline too.

Our Suggestion: Wear a straw hat with a cute little white dress and accessorise your look with coral-hued jewellery.

8. A Long Blue Dress

If not white, opt for a long blue dress at the beach. There's no other colour that can blend as beautifully as the blue colour on the beach. So, you can either choose a sky blue long dress or a deep blue long dress. Additionally, you can also opt for a combination of a white and blue dress.

Our Suggestion: Don't wear heavy makeup with a blue dress and notch up your look with blue-toned jewellery.

9. A Tropical Dress

If you have a dress in your wardrobe, which has tropical patterns such as leaves, trees, and other such patterns, you can wear it to the beach. Your tropical dress will look apt at the beach and you can look a class apart.

Our Suggestion: Try and wear some cool frames like cat-eyed frame with the tropical dress to spruce up your look.

10. A Beach-Inspired Dress

Much like a tropical dress but with different patterns like crabs, seashells, waves, and more, a beach-inspired dress will definitely look good on the beach and your friends would notice how meticulous you'd been about choosing a dress for a beach day.

Our Suggestion: If you want to enhance your quirk factor, you can wear some unconventional jewellery or shades with such a dress. You can wear a bright lip shade depending on your preference.

11. A Wrap Dress

A wrap-around dress or a dress with an overlapping collar also look awesome at the beach. You can wear this dress if you think you want to hit the beach but also do some sight-seeing around. These kinds of dresses can have a soft cotton fabric or even be a little sporty.

Our Suggestion: You can wear wedges with these dresses or flip-flops but don't wear a neckpiece with these dresses.

12. An Easy-Breezy Flowy Dress

Remember those breezy frocks and flowy dresses that we used to wear during our childhood days? Well, if your memory is sharp, you can wear those kinds of dresses on the beach. These dresses usually have soft soothing fabric, perfect for a scorching sunny day on the beach.

Our Suggestion: Buy pastel shades such as lemon yellow, baby pink, etc.., when buying an easy-breezy flowy dress. Keep your makeup light with pink touches.

Two-Piece Sets For A Cheerful Beach Day

13. A Crop Top And A Skirt

A crop top and a mini skirt combination work wonders on the beach. It gives you a cute appearance and can give you a break from the bikini. You can also wear such a combination to a beach party and your top can be ruffled, halter, or even a simple sleeveless one.

Our Suggestion: When choosing such a combination, you can keep your hair loose and wear shades and wedges. Go light on jewellery and no neckpiece, if your top is halter style.

14. A Bikini Top And Shorts

Suppose you don't want to wear a bikini but just keep the top, you can wear a bikini top and shorts combination. It will give you a look between bold and conservative. You can wear the same coloured top and shorts or even colour-block it if you are in an experimental mood.

Our Suggestion: Wear a delicate neckpiece or even a quirky one would do. You can even make a ponytail with this attire combination. Your makeup can be bold too for a sassy touch.

15. A Crop Top And A Long Skirt

You may not want to wear a short skirt but a long skirt to the beach. You may do so actually and this combination can particularly look awesome on the beach. So, all you need is either a bikini top or a simple crop top, or a crop top with a knotted front and a long flowy skirt. So, if your top is plain, you can opt for a patterned skirt or you can keep both the two-pieces plain or patterned.

Our Suggestion: Make a bun with this combination or keep your hair loose. You can wear danglers with this combination and keep your footwear flat.

16. A Short Top And Pyjamas

If a long skirt is not what you are looking for, you can even wear pyjamas and jump around on the beach. A lot of matching pyjama and crop top sets are available in the market and you can keep your top off-shouldered and knot with such a combination. This combination is comfy and doesn't restrict your movements.

Our Suggestion: Wear some sassy shades with this combination and a short hat too.

17. A Bikini Top And Tulle Sheer Skirt

Now, you have donned a bikini set but you want it a bit covered, right? Well, you can pair your bikini bottom with a tulle skirt that can be long and cover your bikini bottom. It can give your look a layered effect and make you look different from the rest.

Our Suggestion: You should choose a skirt that matches with your bikini bottom as it will then partly conceal or a shade darker.

Bikinis Because Beaches Are Where You Can Flaunt It

18. A Strapless Bikini

Yes, bikini tops do come out without straps as well and if you are not a shy one, you can totally flaunt a strapless bikini, which can be the same colour as the bottom of your bikini or of a contrasting hue.

Our Suggestion: Don't keep your tresses loose when wearing this bikini. Either make a loose bun or a ponytail with it! And don't forget to wear matching shades with your strapless bikini.

19. A Multi-String Bikini

Sometimes too many strings attached on your outfit can make you look different from the mainstream. So, why don't you don a multi-string halter bikini top and pair it with matching or colour-blocked bottoms.

Our Suggestion: Wear a ponytail if it is a halter multi-string bikini top and additionally you can also sport dazzling earrings.

20. A High-Waist Bikini

For those of you who want to wear a bikini but not a very bold one, you can also opt for a high-waist bikini. Such a bikini has high-waist bikini shorts and it can be a very comfy option. You can even pair it with a halter tank crop top for a more conservative touch.

Our Suggestion: You have the freedom to accessorise your look in any way with such a bikini combination but don't wear heavy makeup as the fabric can make you sweat more.

21. A Classic Bikini

You can't take a classic outfit from fashion. A classic bikini is bikinis which have a traditional strappy bikini top and bottoms, which are neither too skimpy nor too high-waist. A classic bikini sets are easily available in the market.

Our Suggestion: You can accessorise it any way you like but just for some fun, you can pair your bikini with hoop earrings. Also, any hairdo will suit with this bikini set.

22. A Tank Top Bikini

A tank top bikini, unlike a high-waist bikini, is one where the top is on the conservative side. Yes, these bikinis can have a t-shirt style top, a halter top, a sports bra-style top, and if there are straps, the straps are usually wide. You can pair it with a skimpy bikini bottom.

Our Suggestion: Keep your hair loose and wear shades for a smarter look. You can also wear a sports bracelet to give it a sporty effect.

23. A Sling Bikini

If you don't mind at all going bold, a sling bikini is for you. This bikini features a Y-shaped top that connects with your bikini bottom. It has cut-outs on the waist. Essentially, it can be a swimsuit but to give it a bikini effect, buy a set with a contrasting bikini bottom.

Our Suggestion: Keep your tresses loose but on the second thought a ponytail would look great too. Also, wear metallic earrings and a necklace with it.

24. A Polka-Dotted Bikini

There's a golden oldie song, yellow polka-dotted bikini and this particular style of bikini must have made it to the song because it would have been a reigning trend. A polka-dotted bikini was famous in the 70s and you can take lessons from the past and look distinctive at the beach. Also, you can invest in a gingham-printed bikini if you want to play with a timeless trend.

Our Suggestion: Invest in good-old cat-eyed frames with this bikini. Either keep your hair loose or make a high ponytail and certainly don't forget hoop earrings!

Swimsuits Over Bikinis

25. A Top And Bottom Set

You don't want to be oh so bold and want to just have fun and be comfy then you wear a top and bottom set swimsuit. What can you do is wear a simple swimsuit but with a dress-like hem and pair it with cycling shorts. It won't make you look the odd one out and also accentuate your comfort level.

Our Suggestion: In terms of accessory, dress down when wearing a top and bottom set. Also, you can pair them with sneakers or a pair of flats.

26. A Three-Piece Swimsuit

We had already talked about two-piece sets but what's a three-piece swimsuit? A three-piece swimsuit is what can give you an advantage of a bikini and a swimsuit. So, it consists of a bikini top and bottom and you can layer it with a sheer matching swimsuit on the top. It is like a swimsuit covering to your bikini.

Our Suggestion: Wear flip-flops or wedges with it. You can also wear a matching hair scarf with this set.

27. A Swim Dress

A swim set is what takes the shape of a bikini bottom. It typically is cinched at the bottom but a swim dress is what looks like a typical swimsuit but is a dress. It is for those, who want to wear a beach outfit but are a bit shy. So, a swim dress features a strappy top and flared hem.

Our Suggestion: Wear shades with a swim dress and go for such hues and fabric, which makes it look more like a swimsuit and less like a dress.

28. A Floral Or Animal Printed Swimsuit

We love floral swimsuits as they exude summery vibes and give us the best Instagram-worthy moments. These swimsuits are sure-shot eye-catchers but if you want to ace the retro look, opt for an animal-printed swimsuit, something like leopard-patterns. It can make many heads turn.

Our Suggestion: Wear studs with a floral swimsuit and soft makeup but with an animal-printed suit, you can go for dark lip shades, hoops, and chic sunglasses.

29. An Active Swimwear

Swimsuits look the best when they exude sporty vibes. So, instead of going for dainty swimsuits, you can hit the beach with powerful active swimwear. You can even ace the Baywatch red swimsuit look in this regard.

Our Suggestion: Keep your hair loose and wear dark reflectors with these swimsuits. Also, no jewellery required!

30. A Bandeau Swimsuit

A bandeau swimsuit is also an amazing option if you want to look glam on the beach. These swimsuits have a heavy top or bodice, sometimes ruffled and sometimes gathered. These swimsuits can also be strapless or with halter straps.

Our Suggestion: Wear a ponytail and studs if your bandeau swimsuit is strapless or halter. Actually, you can wear bracelets and shades.

So, which beach outfit are you going to invest in? Let us know that.