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Brother Makes Michael Cinco-Inspired Blue Fairytale Gown For Sister And It Is So Spectacular!


Our childhood memories are usually punctuated by sibling fights that can look like full blown-out war but our childhood memories also have those days, when our sibling got out of their way to help us out in the time of need. But sometimes, our sibling can leave us speechless by going an extra mile to get us out of a problem. And this is exactly what a Philippines boy, Maverick Francisco Oyao did for his sister by making a gown for her Prom. True to his name, Maverick created a designer-perfect winter gown for his sister that left us all speechless. Let's find out what gown he made and became viral.

So, Maverick designed a prom gown for his sister after he learnt that their parents couldn't afford to rent a prom dress for his sister. Seeing his sister unhappy, he decided to make a dress from the scratch. Inspired by ball gowns of Michael Cinco, the designer who had also designed a gown for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the Cannes Film Festival, Maverick created a beautiful gown that looked nothing short of spectacular. He crafted the gown from scratch and it was a blue and white fairytale gown with ruffled exaggerated sleeves and voluminous skirt.

He even painted the bodice of the gown with hand and incorporated floral motifs and embellishments that he borrowed from people he knew. The final result was a stunning gown, which took a week's time to finish. This was done a few months ago but it is never late to share heartwarming fashion stories. Well, he sounds like a perfect brother and we couldn't stop saying, 'aww' on seeing the lovely princess gown.

Pictures Credit: Maverick Francisco Oyao

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