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Magazine Cover Face Off: Priyanka Chopra For Vogue Vs Maisie Williams For Nylon


Something so exciting about magazine cover revelations is here! Well, this month, we have the golden opportunity of a Magazine Cover face off. Priyanka Chopra's Vogue India April 2016 Cover versus Maisie Williams' Nylon May 2016 Cover.

Priyanka appeared on the cover of Vogue Indias' April Issue wearing a cashmere pullover and cashmere trousers by Chanel, and she looked all kinds of lovely with Chanel bangles and tousled hair. The theme was 'Priyanka And The Art Of World Domination', and it was a well-deserved theme for Piggy Chops.

Just yesterday, Nylon Magazines' May Issue hit the stands with the "Game Of Thrones" star Maisie Williams on its cover with the identical Chanel cashmere pullover. With the theme 'The Young Hollywood Issue'; and birthday girl Maisie on it with minimal make-up again with tousled hair, the only other difference was that Maisie wore briefs by Aquilano Rimondi and a skirt by Marc Jacobs.

Though Pee Cee may have a home ground and Hollywood advantage, Maisie is Arya Stark from the Game Of Thrones series. We shall leave the decision to you on who wore it better while gracing the cover of the esteemed magazines.