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How To Dress Like A Chic Bangalorean Girl


Bangalore: The Chic & Sophisticated. While Delhi is classy and Mumbai is hippie, Bangalore is somewhere in between. Bangaloreans have their own sense of vogue. The added benefit is the wonderful weather of the city.

The girls, here, prefer comfort and, of course, style. They are not a big fan of classic bodycons or any kind of skin fits clothing items. As established earlier, they have derived their own niche in fashion. To give you the best example, the label Pero is a typical label for a Bangalorean girl.

So if you are in Bangalore and want to sync in the vibe how should you dress up? Well, it's easy. Think of everything chic: Scarves, polka dots, stripes, pastel colours, etc. And keep it simple, stylish and comfortable.

When it comes to fabrics and patterns, they don't have many choices. Wear a cotton dress with a beautiful pair of loafers and you are good to go. But let's not be this vague. We are going to provide a list of clothing items that a Bangalorean girl must have.

In case, you are visiting this wonderful place, you can keep this list handy and take notes on how to be a chic Bangalorean.



If you are a heel-sort-a-girl, forget it at your home. Because here, you'll need flip-flops and most importantly colourful ones


Scarves, And Lots Of Scarves

Dress up okay but put a nice scarf. Yes, they are inclined to European fashion in this regard. Bring a lot of scarves with summer prints like floral, prints, etc.


Pencil Skirts

Not a comfortable piece but if you are hitting one of the famous pubs like Toit, a pencil skirt won't harm.


Tapered Pants

Bring along your printed tapered cotton pants. Since the comfort is one of the important factors in this fashion, the pants are preferred any day over jeans. But you'll also see denims around here.


Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts have gone viral here. You'll see every 4th girl in Bangalore sporting a pixie and they look as lovely as Anne Hathaway.

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Since the weather is moderate, you are allowed to flaunt lovely short jackets, unlike Mumbai. Wear a cute solid brown jacket on the top of a simple jeans and shirt combo. Don't forget to put the scarf on.

That was all about the lovely Bangalorean girl who likes to keep it stylish and chic. Not too much, not too little.

If you like to get any other city's fashion, let us know by commenting below and we shall soon be covering it.

All Images Are Taken Via Pinterest

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