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Did You Know the History Of False Eyelashes? No? Click To Know.


False Eyelashes were a big hit in the world of fashion and movies back in those days of Seena Owen and Marilyn Monroe. False eyelashes were a part of fashion and beauty and were an essential in their vanity bags.

Today, we at Boldksy are discussing about the history and invention of false eyelashes, and how it was popular amongst all during those days and even now. Our fashion facts section at Boldsky clearly discusses about all the facts and knowledge one should have been a fashion lover.

Every heroine or model would don huge false eyelashes on their eyes that would actually swipe their cheeks when they closed their eyes. When we talk about the era and fashion of false eyelashes, our B-town divas were donning falsies those days. For instance, Mumtaz, Rekha, Sharmila Tagore and so on. They all just loved their eyes to be more detailed and glamorous.

So now coming on the existence and invention of this beautiful fashion item. False Eyelashes were first invented by American film director D. W. Griffith while he was making his movie "Intolerance" in the year 1916. Griffith first wanted these eyelashes on the actress Seena Owen and wanted the lashes to grace her cheeks. This eyelash was made out of real human hair and was woven by a wigmaker. There were plenty of leading actresses and celebs who have used false eyelashes since 1916.

At first eyelashes were made out of fringe. This is how the history of false eyelashes started. Fringes were carefully attached to threads and eyelashes were made; of course it failed to give a natural look. Since it failed to give a natural look, it became less popular. However around 1950s, the trend of eyelashes came back to existence after the invention of plastic materials instead of real human hair for the lashes. Because of the plastic material the eyelashes looked more natural and caught more attention from the audience.

And since 1950 till date, the fashion of the false eyelash is still carried out by a lot of celebrities, even in Bollywood. For more such facts about fashion, stay connected with Boldsky as we bring you whole new pieces of fashion facts three days a week.

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