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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: 6 Ridiculously Hot Moments Of The Most Stylish Couple


Oh, Dear Lord! What did we hear?! Brangelina is no more together? Angelina Jolie broke millions of hearts on Tuesday when she filed a divorce from Brad Pitt. Couples who used to idealise Brangelina has no hope left. Moral of the story: Never idealise your relationship with celebrities.

In fashion world too, we faced similar reactions to this news. The power couple who used to make bold style statements on the red carpet will be no longer seen together? Ouch. Now how are we going to write endless lauding articles on their coordinated wardrobe?!

So today, with this terrible news, we have decided to list down the looks from Brangelina's wardrobe when they were at their hottest peak. Oh Brangelina, we are going to miss you so much... Since we are not going to have more of these moments anymore again. Here's to, for one last time, Brangelina -- (Former) The Most Stylish Couple In Hollywood:

1. The Deadly Black & Shimmer Combo: Look at them so coordinated and so stylish. How can they break up? Aren't we all thinking this? Brad, here, is sporting long blonde hair and a black overcoat. Matching her hubby, Angelina has worn a shimmery beige dress.

2. The Check Mate Style: Here, Angelina has gone white head-to-toe with a clever choice of a white pantsuit and Brad is making her look even better with a black suit, paired with a scarf.

3. The James Bond Style Lingo: Mr & Mrs Smith are ready to steal your heart with this coordinated wardrobe. The black tux, boy!

4. Brangelina In Black: Time when they were so hot that it was hard for us to pay attention to anything else...

5. Brangelina's Maternity Fashion: When the couple was pregnant. Angelina wore a fleeting green dress and Brad wore a black suit. How adorable!

6. Shine Bright Like Diamond: When they literally looked like stars...

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