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What To Wear With A Denim/Chambray Shirt? Here Is The Answer


Denim shirts have a formal name - Chambray shirts. Who does not possess at least one piece of denim shirt? We do not think anyone would be picking up their hands to this one.

All of us possess at least one denim or chambray shirt and mostly wear it in the same conventional way. Most of us have this question in mind that how else do we wear a denim shirt? It is the same old conventional denim shirt, right?

No! You can wear a denim shirt in different ways too. Well, at least, our Bollywood celebrities say so.

So, have a look at these denim or chambray shirt styles that you can easily try for your next casual wear.



New style? Of course not. But, the new thing you can try is to tuck in the denim or chambray shirt on a pair of denim jeans. A shade darker would do wonders, just like Kangana Ranaut in this look. Does she not look like the ultimate swagger? You can try this one too.


Denim On Bling

Denim or chambray can be the sexiest shade found but it is mostly dull. It is the best shade to wear for casuals or street-wear but for parties, it has never been the game. Not any more! You can easily try a chambray shirt on a bling top like Shaddha Kapoor and pull it off at a party or a pub visit like a slayer. Do not forget to carry the attitude along.


Denim On Bright Colours

No matter how much you tell us that you know the trending styles on denim shades, you are definitely missing a point. Denim shirts on bright colours like red or yellow look really cool. They might be unique but will definitely turn some heads towards you. The match is deadly and any girl can pull it off with swag.


Denim On Dress

Yet again, you must be thinking that this trend is nothing new. Of course not, but have you tried a patched denim shirt on a dress? May be not and we are here to tell you that this style would look really cool on you. Try on a pacthed denim shirt on a sheath dress and you would be the coolest one in your circle.

You can try a patched denim shirt on a denim sheath dress, as it will also bring out the denim-on-denim culture. No, a celebrity has not tried this yet. Why not you be the style starter?


Denim On Frills

Frills are the newest trends in fashion town and you can also keep your love for denim alive by following this incredible combination. Try a denim shirt with a frills skirt. A denim crop shirt would look the best. Just like Katrina Kaif is donning this too-cool-yet-so-hot style book.


Denim On Separates

May be some of you have tried this style as this Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor tried this style on her when denim shirts started coming in. But, most of you might not be aware of how hot it looks when you are trying a long denim shirt on a crop top and capris, both of the same colour.


Long Denim Cape Shirts With White Top

Last but definitely not the least, denim shirts look cooler when they are bigger and wearing a long cape denim shirt with a white top and a pair of jeans looks stunning. The top should be white, as the denim shade goes best with no other colour but white.

So, for now, you can try these styles on and you would definitely thank us after getting the feedback on your slayer looks.

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