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Top 10 Stylish Moms Of Celluloid


With Mother's Day around the corner, we thought of doing something special for all the mums and would-be mums around.

We all have been inspired by movie stars at one point of time or another, especially their lifestyle which intrigues us always. Not just that. We follow any new fashion style after seeing a movie star in it.

So following this theory, we are sure that all the mums around swoon over some or the other actress of the Hollywood and Bollywood industry.

For the lovely mums around, it is time for you to choose your favourite style icon among the most gracious and beautiful mums of the Holly and Bolly world.

For you, we have jotted down a few names which according to us are the best.


Sushmita Sen:

Talking about the most gracious moms from Hollywood and Bollywood, the first name that popped up is of the classiest mum of the industry whom we do not categorize just as a style icon but also a woman of great courage.

We all know her story as a single mother to her adopted daughters, Renee and Alisah. We appreciate her courage and at the same time confer her the most graceful mother's tag. We cannot deny, at any cost.

This Mother's Day, the former Miss Universe, an epitome of style and grace and a mother of two beautiful girls can be your favourite Mother's Day style icon.


Angelina Jolie:

The ravishing Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is one of the sexiest women on earth.

For us, she is a trendsetter, be it of a lovely mother or a desirous style icon. We can count on her when it comes to style and there is no proof needed for saying that.

She is already secretly or openly being followed by many as a role style model, we bet!

The 41-year-old actor adopted three kids and has three biological kids with her former husband and actor Brad Pitt.

She can be your fashion inspiration too... or already is. No doubt on that.



Well... yeah! We had to include this name, when there was a talk about style icon mums of the celluloid industry. We all know how stunning this lady is and we all know about her fame as a singer, song-writer and an actress.

She can definitely be a person to follow as your style icon. Of course, you all know. She is perfect to the T when it comes to styling. A mother to a daughter and an expectant mother to a pair of twins, the popstar is rocking her motherhood with all the possible styles and stances.

Undoubtedly, a deserving inspiration.


Kareena Kapoor:

We cannot forget the new mom of the Bolly town. She has always been a style icon and still after the birth of Taimur, she is stunning as ever. Her style and glamour is all over, and continuing at its best after the Prince has arrived home.

So, all the mommies around, Bebo can be a strong inspiration. Do we really need to tell you that?


Jennifer Lopez:

To all the JLo fans around, it's time for a shoutout. Woohoo! We know she is already a Wonder Mom to many. A mom to two wonderful children, the actor, singer and fashion designer has not only stolen sleeps of men around but also has become a role model to many ladies, especially moms.

Professionally a fashion designer too, this lady sets some real style goals. You agree? We too do!



We all know that glamour is not judged by age. In case of Sridevi, we all agree to this point. The Hawa-hawai girl who has continued to be one of the boldest women alive can still kill anyone with her looks and stances.

Her daughters Khushi and Jhanvi are rocking the social media with their stances; we have our answer of their inspiration. Don't we? Sridevi is still fit and stylish enough to challenge many actresses around.


Megan Fox:

Needless of an introduction, the popular Megan Fox as we know is a mother of three admirable children. With motherhood rejuvenating her each day, her style and glamour has always been on the verge of increasing.

The pretty and bold actress holds many followers of her style statement. Mommies, you have your choice of icon ready!


Malaika Arora Khan:

Type 'stylish moms' in your search engine. This name is bound to occur. She is not just our pick but we all adore her style. A mother of two sons, this lady still makes a lot of guys swoon with her style. She carries the boldest of dresses very elegantly and we love her fashion statement.

If you do not agree, please recheck her social media platform.

Mothers, for you she can be a great style inspiration.


Shilpa Shetty:

A fitness expert as always and a mother of a 4-year-old, Shilpa has shown us real fashion goals. If her social media profiles are followed, she seems to be one of the greatest star style icons of the world.

Motherhood has not taken away her glamour and she manages to fit into the best stylish lookbooks ever.


Genelia D'souza Deshmukh:

One of the cutest and talented star of Indian cinema, Genelia has lately been enjoying her motherhood with her second son Rahyl with husband and actor Riteish Deshmukh. She is mostly seen offscreen nowadays but her media appearances have always depicted her brilliant fashion statements.

Putting on a bit of weight post-pregnancy, this lady still manages to look as pretty as ever, carrying her lookbook in the best possible way.
She can be definitely be a role model for young mommies.

We jotted down our choices, and all the mothers have got their options for style icons ready.
Be a fashionista inspired by your favourite one and rock your lookbook this Mother's Day.

Motherhood demands a lot of courage and sacrifice. Looking after your children for the entire year, on this day, make time for yourself and be the most stylish mum of your neighbourhood.

Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day!