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Rihanna's B'Day Special: Most Outrageous Looks Where Riri Dared To Bare


Rihanna, aka Bad Girl Riri, celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday. As she enters the 3rd decade of her life, we wanted to celebrated it in our way.

Rihanna is known for her outrageous style statements and with so many critics commenting on her looks, she never cared to pay any attention to trollers.

Here is to rise the toast in the name of the girl who always dares to bare and carries a style statement that always creates a mark.

We have listed down a few of the most outrageous looks of Riri's where she totally dared to bare.


The Transluscent Fish-net Outfit

Rihanna had donned this see-through mesh gown for one of the red carpet events a few years back. She flaunted her peeping-out assets and carried it with utmost confidence. Along with the gown, she took a fur scarf and a mesh head-gear.


One With The Paints On

This look of Rihanna's did not even involve a bra and do we call it a 'topless look'? Not really! Rihanna had crocodile-skinned painted breast-covers, which took the shape of a bra. Rihanna had carried this look for a photo shoot and slayed it completely.


The Naked Avatar

Rihanna carried this smoking-hot look for one of the photo shoots where she went completeky naked. Enclosing her assets with her hands, she posed with a drenched look and killed it completely. She also wore a thin gold chain as an accessory.


With The Stickers

This was another look of Rihanna's where she went topless, just covering her upper assets with stickers. She wore a pantyhose as a part of her look, matching it with metallic bangles, huge ear loops and a coloured scarf.


The Netty Affair

Rihanna wore this cropped net top with jeans, flaunting her assets and totally slaying it again. This look might have been too 'flaunty,' still we found this to be one of the prettiest of her all-time looks. She carried the outfit like an ultimate stunner.


The Netty Affair Continues

For one more look, Rihanna had donned a net outfit, totally flaunting the assets. The full-sleeve net bodysuit was matched with a black skirt, ear loops and a metallic silver choker. She made the look appear hot and perfect with dark red lips.


The Sequin Avatar

Rihanna wore this outfit as a part of a concert where her style book included a Gucci tank top, a pair of denim shorts and a black metallic thorn embellished belt. Well, this was not it. She wore a sequin full-body skinny layer outfit, which also covered her face.


The Weirdest Of All

Rihanna wore this weird assymetrical gown for th Grammy Awards 2017. The floral assymetrical gown was the weirdest of all the outrageous outfits that Rihanna has ever worn. Along with the pink blush and eyeshadow, she completed the look.

Which look did you find the most outrageous? Let us know!

Story first published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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