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Happy Birthday Manisha Koirala: The Actress Whose Fashion Is Unaffected By Glamour And Trends


There was a time in the 90s when girls wished they could look like Manisha Koirala; they would burst into giggles when somebody told them that they looked like Manisha. Yes, considered as one of the prettiest actresses of her time, Manisha was also a prolific actor. She was from Nepal, not India, but because of her charm and acting ability, she gained a number of admirers in her second home too.

But apart from her hit movies such as 'Dil Se', 'Bombay', and '1942: A Love Story' among others, the actress has also always had a very strong fashion sense. However, a strong fashion sense wouldn't mean keeping in tune with the trends. If you look at Manisha's dress game, it has been as free-spirited as her. Her outfits are unaffected by the glamour; she wears what she felt right at the moment.

Of course, there is mostly a regal touch in her attires, which are mostly traditional, but Manisha also has an affinity for mountaineering outfits. She is one of the rare actresses, who has made hiking attires fashionable. So, we can say that she has always been rooted and carved her own individualistic fashionable path.

It is very interesting to note that while she has always been a part of all things glitz and glamour, she has managed to keep herself away too and have her own space. And that also gets reflected through her clothes. Manisha hardly wears any embellishments- which is such an Indian film industry trend. In fact, she has a discerning eye for fabrics and textiles. She lets the materials in her attire shine more than the sequins.

She has always kept it simple and real. Manisha is one seasoned actress, who wouldn't wear gowns just because all her contemporaries are wearing it too. Moreover, she would slip into something as believable as a classically draped silk sari.

Even if she decides to give a twist to her ensemble, she would bring in her own flavour. These days, however, she is playing a lot with her wardrobe. We have noticed her adding quirk quotient with cape shirts and balloon-shaped skirts. But you wouldn't find anybody else in her field with almost similar fashion game. Manisha, even with some asymmetry in her outfits, is keeping it classy and originality going.

So, for the ladies like us, who have always loved Manisha Koirala through her thick and thin, she is a fashion inspiration. She motivates us to be rooted and make our own trends, for the recipes that you create yourself are the best, even when it comes to fashion.

Happy birthday Manisha Koirala!

Story first published: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 12:16 [IST]
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