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Calling All Fashion Aficiondos! Gujarat's Desert Queen Fashion Decoded


Known for its dokhla, Navratri garbas, Asiatic lions, Amul, the Great Rann of Kutch and Jain temples, the state of Gujarat has much to offer. It is the western most state of India and stretches its arms out into the Arabian sea, this is why it is locally known as the Jewel of the West. It is the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. Gujarat has the highest number of airports in the India as well as the longest shoreline among all Indian states (1600 km).

This lovely state is known to be the safest state in the whole country and its capital Gandhinagar is the greenest capital city in all of Asia. Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states having Surat as the richest city in the nation. One in every five Indian Americans is a Gujarati and so is one in every twenty Indians, they're are one of the most popular communities in the world and that's why we're discussing them today.

Gujarat is a vivid state, surely, but this is best experienced in their fashion and lifestyle. The Gujarati fashion scene is so bright and colourful that we can't get enough of it. We could go on and on rambling about this but today, we're sticking to some of the most important aspects of Gujju fashion.

1. Kutch Embroidery:

Image Courtesy: garoopatternandcolour

This lovely thread work is called 'Kutch Embroidery' or 'Kutch Work'. It gets its name from the Great Rann of Kutch because tribal women there wear this kind of embroidery. The bright colours, winding patterns and mirrors are the main attraction of Gujarati fashion. This embroidery is popular even today with even designers and celebrities flaunting it in their various outfits.

2. Gujarati Saree Drape:

Image Courtesy: rediff

While most of India drapes the saree in the usual Nivi fashion, Gujarati women wear it with a twist. The entire saree is worn in reverse with the pleats facing the right thigh and the pallu gathered from behind and over the right shoulder and draped over the breasts. This saree style is so famous that anyone can spot a Gujju woman. Many girls who aren't Gujarati also try this style of draping as it makes them stand out in a crowd. While Chiffon and Georgette are the casual choices for Gujarati style of draping, silk and cotton also look regal and elegant.

3. Kedia Dhoti Combo:

Image Courtesy: mediacache

Men's fashion gets an honourable mention here. The traditional attire for men in the state of Gujarat is called the kedia dhoti and it can be worn as embellished or simple as one prefers. Most men wear simple cotton ones through the year but during festivals like Navratri they opt for brightly coloured and embroidered kedia dhoti outfits. We think that men don't lag that far behind women when it comes to ethnic fashion in Gujarat, wouldn't you agree?

4. Silver Jewellery:

Image Courtesy: ermietumblr

This is the most stunning bit of Gujarati fashion, if you ask us. Each and every Gujju man, women and child adorns chunky silver accessories during festivals and weddings and sometimes through the year. The traditional, age old jewellery patterns have been carefully preserved by silversmiths and they're available to anyone who loves ethnic silver jewellery and can afford them. Almost every part of the human body is wrapped in silver, we have silver earrings, mang tikkas, chokers, hair pins, necklaces, nose rings, armlets, belts and anklets.

4. Turbans:

Image Courtesy: beforethey

No man is dressed completely till he has his turban on and these handsome Gujju men have them on point. These lovely, larger than life turbans are called Phento in Gujarati and they're the targets of most tourists' cameras. It's amazing how aesthetic and attractive they look and how well the men carry them off. Some of them can wrap them around their head in a matter or seconds! We just love large, colourful turbans and you know why.

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat!

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