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Year Ender: Decoding Fashion From Bulbbul, Raat Akeli Hai And Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai


This year more so than other previous years, we have been glued to Netflix. In the absence of social life outdoors, Netflix is what has given us a company. And this year also witnessed some of the best from Indian filmmakers on Netflix. There were a number of Netflix India movies, which caught our attention and surprised us. Bulbbul - a powerful and evocative feminist supernatural movie was a lot about awakening and transformation of a woman from a timid girl to a self-assured lady. Raat Akeli Hai - a crime-thriller with powerful female characters. And Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai - a movie that had a backdrop of demonetisation and featured a woman looking to support her family, single-handedly.

The aforementioned movies were absolutely enhanced by power-packed performances, tight scripts, and meticulous direction but they also offered us unforgettable fashion glimpses. Triptii Dimri was a fresh face in Bulbbul and with her silk outfits, she left us awestruck. For a moment, we couldn't believe that it was the Mirzya actress, Saiyami Kher for she looked so de-glam in Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai. Similarly, Radhika Apte was at her best in Raat Akeli Hai with her equally volatile and vulnerable performance and her outfits might have been muted but she looked intriguing in her understated outfits.

Triptii Dimri's character Bulbbul is a study in fashion. We are introduced to the character as a child-bride (played by Ruchi Mahajan) married to a much older man. She is seen in her red traditional ensemble and alta oblivious to what's happening to her. Bulbbul's red wedding traditional attire or even her golden silk saree represents the norms and where she doesn't have much say. Even as a grown-up lady (now played by Triptii Dimri), the character is mostly shown in pastel pinks and greens, probably to express the vulnerable and the dainty side of the character. It is only when she symbolically represents Goddess Kali that we witnessed her in bright vivacious outfits. It is then we see her sarees splashed in blue, purple, and red colour-blocks and the jewellery is elaborate. The long curled tresses added to the effect and who can get over that smile. The theme of the show was well-received by the viewers (even though the series was not very scary, probably because a woman is writing the article) but as far as fashion is concerned, Bulbbul struck the right notes. Her character's journey from one extreme to another is vividly articulated by clothes.

Amid pandemic and in the times of content-thirsty viewers (because lack thereof), Anurag Kashyap treated the viewers with his Netflix classic Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai. The movie is definitely interesting with a subtle dig on demonetisation and the power of money. However, the movie is also interesting from a relationship point of view. The content is absorbing and highlights the impact on married relationships marked by financial turmoil. In the movie, Saiyami Kher has our attention right from the very first frame. First, she is actually unrecognisable in an absolutely de-glam avatar but then we admire her for her versatility as an actor. Her character is shown in totally regular traditional and fuss-free outfits. She is seen wearing kurta-pyjamas, sarees with unassuming prints, and sometimes bright silk but conformist sarees, if the occasion in the series demands it. Even the minimal makeup added to the effect. Her hairstyle also added to the interesting perspective. While at her home with a hundred of things to do, she couldn't be more attentive about what her hairstyle should be like and so she is seen in casual ponytails, in the bank, where she has to follow certain dress conduct, she is seen sporting impeccably buns.

Raat Akeli Hai had Radhika Apte, whose character, we thought was layered. Is she a criminal or innocent? - the series pretty much revolves around her character. The series showed Radhika Apte's character as a woman more on the vulnerable side, who is dressed according to the circumstance in her life. Except for the frame, where she is married and dressed in a red saree for her wedding, her sarees are splashed in single-tones and loosely-tied and even her suits are far from the cheerful hues.

Source: Netflix

Story first published: Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 19:12 [IST]