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Top 8 Celebrities Who Rock The #KalaChashma Look! Courtesy: Baar Baar Dekho!


So have you heard the Kala Chashma song from the movie Baar Baar Dekho yet? No? Well, you better listen to after you finish reading this article. Now, talking about the kala chashma, we were wondering who pulls off the kala chashma look like a boss in Bollywood.

Surprisingly, after our research we listed not one... or two... or three... but 8 actresses who rock the kala chasma aka the sunglasses look.

Sunglasses are not just tinted glasses to protect eyes from sunlight. It serves various purposes. First, it is a style accessory. If you get how to use the sunglasses factor right, you are good to go. Second, it helps you to avoid direct eye contact which is much needed in an industry like Bollywood.

Coming back to the first point, sunglasses are important since they not only make you look stylish but also bless you with an attitude. Look at all the airport looks of celebrities or red carpet looks of Hollywood stars, sunglasses play a key role.

Now since we have spoken so much about the importance of sunglasses, you got to learn how to pull these off. Because not all sunglasses can work for you. Like wayfarers won't work for oval shape faces or aviators will work for long faces. This will be discussed in another article, for now, let's look at the top 8 Bollywood divas who nail the kala chashma look like it's no big deal.

Check out these divas and their fancy sunglasses. Don't forget to learn how to accessorise them according to your outfit like they've done...


Priyanka Chopra's Aviators

PC posted this picture of hers on Instagram. One thing that PC can do absolutely right is that she can pull off her sunglasses quite well.


Parineeti Chopra

Next in line is Priyanka's very own sister, Parineeti. Parineeti sure knows how to match her sunglasses with her shirt dresses.


Sonam Kapoor

We are talking about fashion here and there is no way we are going to miss out Sonam Kapoor from the list. In the picture, she is wearing cat-eyed sunglasses.


Kangana Ranaut

The chic fashion queen sure knows her accessories well. This is one of our favourite looks from Kangana's airport wardrobe.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone can pull any type of kala chashma and we are so jealous because it's not even funny.


Alia Bhatt

The newbie fashionista made it to the list and why not? Look at the pair of sunglasses she owns.


Sonakshi Sinha

The Dabangg girl is famous for her coloured aviators and the best part she knows how to flaunt them.


Lastly, Katrina Kaif

ack to the person who made us write this entire article: Katrina Kaif. She can sure match her Indian outfit with her kala chashma. Don't forget to watch the song before you go.

Also, before you go, watch the song kala chashma from the movie Baar Baar Dekho and put on your kala chashma...