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On Amrita Rao’s Birthday, What Her Rebel Look In Main Hoon Na Is About And Her Slipping Into Conventions


Amrita Rao is one of the most versatile actresses in the Hindi film industry. With her debut in Ab Ke Baras (2002), she has won both critics and directors. Her most popular roles as an actress have so far, come from the movies Thackeray (2019), Vivah (2006) and Main Hoon Na (2004). She has been the only muse from Hindi cinema of the late legendary painter, M.F. Husain, along with Madhuri Dixit. The actress not only has diverse roles to her credit but her on-screen fashion is also noteworthy. Born on June 7, 1981, the actress celebrates her birthday today and, on her birthday, we are going to talk about one of her most significant fashion looks from the movies she did.

And the look that we are going to decode is from none other than Main Hoon Na (2004). As a free-spirited rebel, Sanjana (Amrita Rao) in the movie, she gave us one of the most unconventional looks in the Hindi cinema with this film. Partly liberated and partly stuck-up, her character in the movie was meticulously written. Her character was bold but contrasted by shades of vulnerability - a paradox Sanjana was. The choice of outfits she wore in the first half of the movie also reflected a kind of escapism from the realities of her family life, which Sanjana is in denial of and wants to forget.

So, the cropped top with distressed or washed denim jeans was the style she flaunted in the first half of the 2004 film. Her style statement became an instant trend and inspired young ladies back then. Also, the elements including a nose ring and bucket hat became popular. Her dishevelled tresses with magenta highlights became a hairstyle for the young adults, who challenged conventions. Amrita Rao's cool and carefree look in Main Hoon Na was much more than visualizing a rebel, we believe it had to do with her thoughts on society and personality of course. It also talked about young adults, who want to carve their own path beyond conventions. Her slowly slipping into traditional outfits was seen as a sign that she wants to fit in and wants to woo the guy she loves (played by Zayed Khan) but her adopting conventional wardrobe is mostly a commentary on romantic narrative and the cliché values of love that the society still holds.

Beyond Shah Rukh Khan's amiable personality in the film, Sushmita Sen's gorgeous looks and confidence, and Zayed Khan's coolness, Main Hoon Na is a film where character arc of Amrita Rao is shown vividly and with her costumes too. Manish Malhotra and Sanjeev Mulchandani were the costume designers of the film that became a superhit. So, what do you think of Amrita Rao's costumes in the Main Hoon Na? Let us know that.

Happy Birthday, Amrita Rao!

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within the content are solely the author's and are personal, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of the filmmaker and people associated in the making of Main Hoon Na.

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