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Alia Bhatt, Shamita Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Janhvi Kapoor: Divas Who Support Sustainable Fashion


The glamour and glitz of the industry has always fascinated the audience. The public has been taken aback by the variety of outfits that an actor wears at various gatherings. However, it has also questioned an actor's wardrobe being filled with only rand new clothes. Repeating outfits or fashion accessories has not always been a trend in the Fashion world untill recently, when actresses have not only practiced sustainable fashion but also been vocal about it.

From actresses like Alia Bhatt to Shamita Shetty, they have all been proudly seen repeating outfits or accessories discarding the question of 'You don't repeat your outfits'.

Here is a look at some Bollywood actresses who have been vocal about practicing sustainable fashion.

1. Alia Bhatt

As said and believed by all, the number one Bollywood actress of the country, Alia Bhatt, has not only been seen reusing her fashion bits but also has been vocal about it. The Brahmastra actress, during one of her recent interviews mentioned how it's normal to repeat clothes and accessories. Alia spoke about how she has often reused her handbags, shoes and clothes, and that it's very important to reuse in order to reduce fashion waste.

2. Shamita Shetty

The Sharara girl and Bigg Boss contestant Shamita Shetty has often been seen reusing and re-styling her outfits at different occasions. The actress is usually spotted repeating her dresses at social gatherings or at her vacations. A source close to the actor revealed, "Shamita believes in utilising the fashion elements whether jewellery or shoes to their fullest. She also stays very updated about the statistics of the fashion industry and is aware of about harm fashion waste does to the environment. Shamita believes that action speak louder than words for the cause." The actress has been consistent in setting the perfect image on letting the right message to the public.

3. Sushmita Sen

Knowing the inspiration she is, former Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen has always spoken about what's right for the society and environment. In many of her interviews, Sush has been quite outspoken on how there is no shame in repeating outfits or accessories. The actress has pointed out that it's actually in favour of the fashion industry to repeat clothes, as it reduces the pressure of excessive waste.

4. Janhvi Kapoor

The Gen Z star who is known as one of the most fashionable and stylish divas, too, has proved to be a soul who believes in sustainable fashion. Janhvi has been seen repeating her outfits at various gatherings. The Gunjan Saxena actress has proved that it's not always the new tagged clothes that run the fashion game.

Do you support sustainable fashion, too?

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