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Paris Fashion Week 2022: Bella Hadid’s Spray-On Coperni Dress, Iconic Fashion Moment On The Runway!


Supermodel Bella Hadid walked the ramp of Paris Fashion Week for Coperni Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 and stunned everyone with an outfit that was not seen earlier! The designer label Coperni created this one-of-a-kind ensemble made of spray paint and allowed Bella Hadid to have her 'iconic' fashion moment at the PFW!

Image: Instagram

Keep reading to know more about Bella Hadid's unique spray-on white dress:


Onlookers Witnessed The Spray-on Dress Formation

Image: Instagram

For the Coperni show at the PFW, Bella Hadid initially appeared topless on the runway. She was clad in nude thongs and high heels only and wore her hair in a pulled-back style. Two artists then sprayed the white paint on her body. The white latex paint was sprayed on her body in a such way that, a chic, off-shoulder ensemble with thigh-high slit detailing got formed!

The dress fit Bella's body like a second skin and appeared as perfect as any fabric-made outfit!


Netizens Are Impressed

Image: Instagram

What is presented at the Runway becomes a fashion sensation instantly. Bella Hadid's white spray paint outfit impressed everyone who likes to keep a tab on the latest fashion and happenings concerning style. Bella Hadid and label Coperni posted the iconic outfit moment on social media i.e.Instagram that received a lot of love and appreciation from the followers.

Netizens called it an ‘Iconic' and ‘Pure Fashion' moment. Others wrote, the fashion industry needed a fashion moment like this, it has been a while!

Many commented on how fashion can be formed when you use your artistic abilities. The result of such genius work then becomes memorable and inspirational!

Kudos to the creators of this beyond-imaginable spray slip-on dress and Bella Hadid for being the best supermodel to wear this iconic outfit!


A Bit About Spray Dress

Image: Instagram

The Parisian fashion label Coperni is run by Designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant. Bella Hadid's iconic runway dress was crafted using ‘Fabricant' which is a spray-on material that develops into a wearable textile.

The white spray-painted outfit was created by Dr.Manel Torres, MD of Fabrican Ltd, who is also the inventor of spray-on-fabric. The angelic and minimalist Coperni slip dress is indeed a proud moment for the inventors and will always be an iconic moment in the history of the runway!

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