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Rajma Sandwich Recipe For Breakfast


Rajma or kidney beans is one of the most popular side dishes in the Indian cuisine. Although rajma is commonly prepared in the northern states of India, the healthy beans is also prepared in the southern India in its own cooking method.

Rajma is a heavy and rich food. Hence, it is prepared in the night. The leftovers are served in the morning as well. If you love rajma and need an excuse to have it another way, then you can prepare a sandwich with the rajma filling. You can either use the sabji as a stuffing or use boiled kidney beans which are mixed with authentic spices like red chilli powder.


If you want to add some Indian flavour to your breakfast, then try this rajma sandwich recipe. It is quick, simple, filling and tasty.

Rajma Sandwich: Breakfast Recipe

Serves: 4 sandwiches

Preparation time: 20 minutes


1. Rajma- ½ cup (soaked overnight)

2. Onion- 1 (chopped)

3. Paneer- 2tsp (mashed)

4. Cucumber- 1tsp (chopped)

5. Green chilli- 1 (chopped)

6. Chaat masala- a pinch

7. Red chilli powder- a pinch

8. Black salt- a pinch

9. Cheese spread- 1tsp

10. Bread slices- 8 slices

11. Lemon juice- 1tsp

12. Salt- as per taste

13. Butter or ghee- 1tbsp


1. Boil the rajma in pressure cooker. Add some salt so that the rajma boils easily.

2. Pressure cook for the duration of 4 whistles on full flame. Lower the flame and pressure cook for another 2 whistles.

3. Strain the rajma and keep aside. In a bowl, mix onion, cucumber, paneer and green chilli with some chaat masala and lemon.

4. Add red chilli powder, black salt and salt into the bowl. Now, add the boiled rajma in the bowl and mix all the ingredients well.

5. Cut off the corners of the bread slices. If you are using cheese spread, then grease on the bread slices.

6. Now, add the stuffing and close with another bread. Heat a toaster.

7. Grease the surfaces of the bread with butter and toast in the toaster till the bread slices look golden brown and crisp.

8. Repeat the same process with the remaining bread slices and rajma stuffing. If required, use more bread slices.

Rajma sandwich is ready to eat. Serve it hot with onion salad and tomato sauce.

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Story first published: Friday, April 11, 2014, 6:03 [IST]
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