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Water Chestnut (Singhara) And Mushroom Fry Video

By Debdatta Mazumder

If you always look for preparing something new on weekends, this dish can make your Sundays happier.

If you are a vegan and want to present something tasty and healthy for your family, water chestnut and mushroom fry can be one of those preferred dishes.

Even if you serve this dish instead of dry chilli chicken with fried rice, non-vegetarians will surely dig into their plates, wanting to try some more.

The recipe is quite easy and the ingredients are also easily available from any super market. So, plan for something new this Sunday brunch and give your family a very tasty surprise.

Serves - 4

Preparation Time - 15 minutes

Cooking Time - 20 minutes


1. Water Chestnuts - 1 cup (quartered)

2. Button Mushrooms - 1 cup (quartered)

3. Green Chillies - 2-3 (finely chopped)

4. Garlic - 10 cloves (finely chopped)

5. Ginger - 1 inch (finely chopped)

6. Onion - 1 medium sized (diced)

7. Oyster Sauce - 1 tbsp

8. Soy Sauce - 1 tbsp

9. Salt to taste

10. Sugar - a pinch

11. Oil for cooking

12. Black Peppercorn - 1 tsp (crushed)

13. Vinegar - 1 tsp

14. Corn flour - 2 tbsp

15. Parsley - 1 bunch (finely chopped)


1. Heat a pan and add oil into it. Now, add green chillies, ginger and garlic into the oil and sauté well.Add diced onions and fry until the onions become transparent.

2. Add mushrooms into the pan and add salt too.Mix well, so that the moisture of the mushrooms gets absorbed. Add water chestnut and mix well again.

3. Now, it's time to add the sauces. Start with oyster sauce and then add a little bit of soy sauce. Don't forget to add a pinch of sugar, as it will give your dish a dash of sweetness. Now, add little water into the pan. To make slurry, add water to cornflour and mix it.

4. Pour the slurry into the pan and stir well. Now, add lots of chopped parsley into the pan. Stir again and put off the flame.

5. Add a tsp of vinegar and a pinch of salt again. Mix well. Transfer it into a bowl and garnish with parsley.

Your water chestnut and mushroom fry is ready to be served.

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