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7 Cool Curd Recipes For The Summer

Summer is one season which gives us a reason to indulge in curd. The probiotic ingredient is the best as it helps to keep you healthy during the hot weather. In summer it is nice to opt for dishes which have a little bit of curd.

The nutrients present in curd helps to boost immunity, kills unwanted bacteria thriving in the stomach causing infection and also helps to add a glow on your face. These curd recipes which Boldsky has shared with you is simple and easy to prepare.

The basic ingredients which are required to prepare these recipes is a tin of curds/ yogurt, fruits of your choice and Indian spices to enhance the taste.

On the other hand these curd recipes are not time consuming which is why it is the first option for working women to try for a quick lunch.

If you are planning to have a delicious curd meal, pick one of these curd recipes today.


Spicy Curd Rice Recipe

This afternoon we present to you a simple curd rice recipe you can prepare in 10 to 15 minutes. The additional spice which is added to the curd rice will make you sweat and tear up. If you can take this amount of spice, this delicious curd rice recipe will be throughly enjoyed.


Quick Curd Rice In Five Simple Steps

This recipe of curd rice is packed with the best nutrients more than one can ask for. Less oil, healthy and tastier! Imagine an all-in-one lunch recipe just a few steps away. even your little one is sure to shout yummy! Take a look at this treat!


Pomegranate Curd Rice

Curd cools the stomach, aids digestion and fights gastric problems. This makes it a filling rice recipe.Here is the recipe to prepare pomegranate curd rice. This Indian side dish is prepared with curd, rice, milk and pomegranate. It is sweet, tangy and delicious. Check out the healthy curd rice recipe.


Mango Curd Rice

It is a simple dish which is very good for your digestion and if you are not in a mood for a heavy meal then nothing can be better than curd rice. In this curd rice recipe we are using mangoes to add the flavour to this dish. The delicious mangoes add a perfect twist to this simple mango curd rice recipe.


Fruit Curd Rice Recipe

The fruit which are present in this yummy dish will add natural sweetness. On the other hand, for this fruit curd rice recipe add fruits which is rich in Vitamin C as it will help to keep your body away from all sorts of sicknesses and help to keep your immunity up. Try out this delicious treat!


Coconut Chutney With Curd

Idli, dosa are staple Tamil foods which are teamed up with sambhar or coconut chutney. Try making coconut chutney with curd.


Curd Brinjal: A Spicy Delicacy

Curd brinjal happens to be one of those eggplant recipes that is liked by all. Even if you mare a novice at the kitchen then try this brinjal recipe and surprise everyone. The curd brinjal recipe is so simple that there are very little chances of its going wrong. Here is the recipe for making curd brinjal.

Story first published: Friday, June 5, 2015, 12:29 [IST]
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