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Makar Sankranti 2020: Delicious Tilkut Recipe That You Can Prepare Easily At Your Home


Makar Sankranti recipes are always nutritious. Dishes prepared from til (sesame seeds) provide heat and energy to the body. Til seeds add a nutty taste to the dishes. Today, Boldsky shares with you the tilkut recipe for Makar Sankranti.

Tilkut, also called tilkatri, is a very healthy and nutritious Makar Sankranti recipe. In India, especially in Bihar and Jharkhand, there is a tradition to make tilkut dishes on Makar Sankranti. Tilkut recipe for Makar Sankranti is very healthy and yummy too.

The main ingredients used in this recipe are sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (gur). Tilkut recipes for Makar Sankranti are very simple and take less time to prepare.

How to make tilkut? There are three types of tilkut recipes -- the sugar-based tilkut which is white in colour; the sakkar tilkut made of unrefined sugar and light brown in colour, and the gur tilkut made of jaggery and dark brown in colour.

Try this tilkut recipes for Makar Sankranti.

Serves -4

Preparation time - 10 minutes

Cooking time - 30 minutes

Ingredients of tilkut recipes for Makar Sankranti

1. Sesame seeds (til) -3 cups

2. Jaggery -2 cups

3. Ghee -2 tablespoon

4. Some water.

Method of preparation:

1. In a frying pan, add some ghee and roast the sesame seeds until brown for five to six minutes. Constant stirring is required, otherwise, they can burn very fast and will give a bitter taste.

2. Transfer them into a bowl.

3. Grind the seeds in a grinder or pestle and mortar. Grind them very course.

4. Put jaggery in a non-stick pan. Add one cup of water and bring it to boil. Keep boiling for some time until a thick syrup of jaggery is formed.

5. Now, pour the syrup into ground sesame seeds. Add it slowly and not all at once. In the meantime, keep stirring the sesame seeds powder so that you will get an idea how much more syrup you need to add.

6. Keep it mixing fast and continuously, otherwise, the jaggery syrup will get crystallised.

7. Transfer it into an aluminium paper or plate. Dip your hands in cold water and start flatting it. Keep it about one inch thick. Let it cool down a little.

8. Cut it in whatever shape you like.

9. Now cool it down and serve. You can also store them in an airtight container. It stays well for 2-3 weeks.

Nutritional value

Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, iron, minerals and vitamin B1. Jaggery(gur) is rich in iron and minerals. It cleanses liver and increases immunity. Overall, tilkut is full of health benefits and can cure many ailments.


1. Keep stirring the sesame seeds or else it will get bitter.

2. While adding gur syrup, add it fast otherwise it will get set or crystallised.

3. Don't store it for too long else the oil in jaggery will get rancid and not fit to eat.

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