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10 Delicious Pancake Recipes


Pancake is a thin round and flat cake that is prepared with a flour batter. This batter is prepared with flour and some aromatic ingredients like cardamom, honey and saffron. Pancakes can be sweet or spicy. They are roasted on a hot griddle (frying pan). There are many types of pancakes that can be prepared at home using simple ingredients.

Pancakes can look blunt but after the topping of jam, fruits, whipped cream or honey, these pancakes can be mouthwatering. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can stuff your pancakes with cheese and meat or use the meat pieces for topping the plain pancakes.

Pancakes are most commonly consumed in the Western countries especially America and UK. They are the favourite breakfast dish for both kids and adults. It is filling and delicious too. However, if you are bored of eating salted pancakes everyday, you can try some delicious sweet pancakes.

Candlemas Day is around the corner. So, it is time to pick up your favourite pancake recipes to prepare on this festive season. Check out the 10 best pancake recipes by Boldsky.


Pancakes with strawberry sauce

This sweet pancake is a treat for kids who avoid breakfast. The topping of strawberries can make this simple dish look mouthwatering.


Cinnamon pancakes

If you want to make something for breakfast that tastes good and is very easy to prepare then try Cinnamon pancake. Cinnamon pancakes not only tastes yummy but are healthy too.


Sweet and spicy potato pancakes

This sweet and spicy potato pancake recipe is very easy. You can prepare it within 30 minutes. It is filling and delicious too.


Cranberry pancakes

This sweet and tangy berry pancake is another favourite breakfast recipe. The best thing about cranberry pancakes is that apart from being a healthy breakfast, they can also be served as a dessert.


Potato pancakes

Pancakes in India is known as dosa. This potato pancakes or dosa is easy to prepare and is filling too.


French chocolate pancakes

These soft and spongy pancakes are a yummy treat for chocolate lovers. Dipped in hot chocolate sauce, these pancakes can be a filling breakfast recipe.


Coconut pancakes

Coconut pancake is like a perfect mix of Eastern and Western cuisines. A touch of Asian flavours in this dish is a must try.



This is the Indian sweet pancake that is prepared in many states. Malpuas are rich flavored, deep fried pancakes that are soaked in saffron syrup. Although malpuas are generally teamed up with rabdi or malai, it is also savored with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Easy pancakes

Valentine's Day is just in 2 weeks time. So, why not prepare this pancake on Promise Day and make the day special for your partner?


Candlemas pancakes

Candlemas, the traditional Christian festival is just a days away, here is a few simple pancake recipe that can be prepared and served to your guests.

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