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10 Monsoon Snacks You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

Rainy season always makes us crave for some fried snacks. A cup of hot, piping tea with a plate of hot kachoris or samosas is a perfect way to spend a rainy evening in India.

This season brings in the mood to try several fried dishes. Many of us love to have pakoras and spicy chaats in this season. Pakoras are basically fried snacks. These snacks recipes can be made with a numbers of ingredients. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian ingredients are used for making pakoras and other snacks.

Monsoon is the time to relax by your balcony, reading a nice book, sipping hot tea, occassionally watching the rain drops and munching on crispy snacks. That's a heavenly experience. We all want to experience this bliss when the rains come pouring down.

So, here we have 10 extra yummilicious snack recipes which you can easily prepare this weekend and enjoy the rains at the same time. Take a look.


Kerala Style Chicken Cutlet

Chicken cutlet recipe from Kerala is special because it is prepared with potatoes and minced meat. You have to add curry leaves and green chilies to give this dish its special Southern flavour. It is quite simple to prepare this dish.


Aloo Ki Kachori

Aloo ki kachori is one of the simplest kachori recipes that you can prepare. You can have it as snacks in the evening or can even serve it with a curry for the dinner. We are sure aloo ki kachori will be relished by everyone in your family.


Mirch Ke Pakode

Mirch ke pakode are of the most spicy and lip-smacking snack recipe that you can try in this season. The long green chillies are usually used for this pakora recipe. But you can also use the long red chillies provided you de-seed it properly.


Jhal Muri

Jhal in Bengali means spicy and and muri is the puffed rice. So, this snack recipe involves spicing up the puffed rice along with a few other ingredients. The best part is that it gets ready in minutes and you can hog on it as much as you want because it does not make you fat. It is in fact, one of the most healthy snack recipes that Indians have discovered.


Noodles Cutlet

Noodle cutlet recipe is familiar with working mothers who find it an easy option to feed their hungry children. Especially after a hard school day, children wait to see something interesting on their plate and this noodle cutlet is one such snack which is indeed enticing.



Piyazi is a form of Indian cutlet which is prepared with gram flour and a lot of onions. These cutlets taste extremely delicious and the crispy crunch is simply a treat for your taste-buds.


Spicy Dhaniya Vada

The spicy dhaniya vadas are quite easy to make and takes very less time. Coriander leaves is one ingredient which you find lying around in your refrigerator all the time. All you have to do is mix it up with a few more ingredients and you can treat yourself with a tasty snack recipe in no time.


Bread Chaat

Hygiene and water logged alleys make you stay at home and leave those unhygienic street food out of your diet. In order to maintain hygiene, you do not have to give up on chaats. You can make healthy and fresh chaats at home that are tasty, spicy and filling enough to satisfy your taste buds.


Crisp Potato Chops

Fried potato chops are a delicacy that are made differently in every part of India. The ingredients that are used in the potato chops recipe keep varying depending on regional differences. This recipe is a pretty basic one. You can always add or change some of the ingredients to make your version of hot and steaming potato chops.


Khatta Meetha Chana Chaat

The tamarind chutney is prepared with a mixture of jaggery and tamarind which adds a completely different flavour to this amazing chaat recipe and then the tangy taste of lemon juice just adds a little more taste to the dish.

Story first published: Saturday, August 2, 2014, 12:01 [IST]
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