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12 Amazing Cocktail Recipes For Weekend


The most awaited weekend is here. It's time to party and get refreshed. Why not have a cocktail party with snacks this weekend? Call up all your friends and chill out with some amazing drinks and snacks to go with it.

If you are worried about the recipes, then relax. Boldsky is here to help you out with all the recipes that you need to make your party a hit among your friends. Cocktails are easy drinks to prepare and are extremely refreshing, especially after you have had a hectic week.


So, check out these 12 amazing cocktail recipe to chill out. Prepare these for your party and win all the compliments from your guests. Take a look.


Strawberry Cocktail

As it is the season to have chilled drinks, you can refresh your mood with a strawberries cocktail. You can make strawberry cocktails with many alcoholic drinks such as tequilla, white rum, vodka, gin or champagne. To add a fruity flavour, you can pour in fruit juices such as orange juice or triple sec, apple juice or soda.


Zombie Cocktail

Zombie drink is one of the strongest and famous cocktail recipe which became popular in New York Fair. Here is the easy to make zombie cocktail recipe with rum, fruits such as lime juice, orange juice and pineapple juice.


Aphrodisiac Cocktail

Chocolate is a basic ingredient for any aphrodisiac dish. Here is an easy to make aphrodisiac cocktail recipe with vodka, strawberries and chocolate for a spicy session tonight.


Apple Crisp: Whisky Cocktail

It is a mixed drink consisting of a spiced whisky (preferably Revel Stoke), maple syrup, cake flavoured vodka (UV cake vodka) and apple juice.


Jelly Bean Vodka

The cocktail has different flavours of vodka which is then mixed with a twist of lemon. Take a look.


Feni Ola Cola

Enjoy the tasty Feni drink with some tangy flavors. Feni, the traditional Goan drink is generally made of cashew fruit or coconut. The local drink can be used to make some cocktails for home parties.


Apple Martini

Apple martini can be made with white rum, gin, vodka, rum or even whiskey! Cocktail recipes are very easy and instant. You can have a cocktail to refresh your mood and senses after a heavy and hectic day.


Bloody Mary Cocktail

This is considered as the world's complex cocktail. Bloody Mary cocktail consists of vodka, tomato juice and spices such as black pepper, lemon juice, celery salt, Tabasco sauce, olive, celery, etc for flavourings.


Raspberry Vodka Cocktail

Woo your partner at dinner tonight with this awesome Raspberry cocktail. To start up your romantic meal, include this romantic cocktail to freshen up the mood.


Vodka With Cranberry & Orange

The combination makes you crave for the chilled blend of alcohol with berry juice. Take a look at the cocktail recipe to make vodka with cranberry and orange juice.


Kashmiri Cocktail

If you have wondered as to how the Kashmir people lead a healthy lifestyle despite the extreme conditions then let us tell you that they have some quick recipes that helps in relieving cold. Take a look at how creme de cacao is used to make a tasty cocktail, the tangy "Kashmir Cocktail Recipe".


Milk Cocktail

If you think you cannot include milk in a cocktail party then think again! You can easily make a cocktail using milk. There are even people who prefer having hot or chilled milk. If you want to Enjoy the all new flavours of milk, then check out two cocktail recipes using milk as a core ingredient.

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Story first published: Friday, April 25, 2014, 18:06 [IST]
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