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Traditional Bengali Fish Recipes For Jamai Sasthi

It's Jamai Sasthi today and the time for all the son-in-laws to binge on delectable food. Jamai Sasthi is a popular festival of Bengal in which the mother-in-laws prepare awesome food for their son-in-laws and pamper them.

'Jamai' in Bengali means son-in-law and 'sasthi' means sixth day as the festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the Jyestha month according to the Hindu calendar. A grand fest is organised to mark this occasion. This festival lays foundation for a strong family bonding. Of course it goes without saying that food is the main part of all the festivities.


Fish is a delicacy that makes all Bongs go a bit weak in the knees. We can have fish 365 days a year but on special occassions like Jamai Sasthi, it is mandatory to have fish on your plate. So, for all those mother-in-laws who are busy preparing delicacies for their son-in-laws, Boldsky brings to you a collection of traditional Bengali fish recipes to try out. You will find all kinds of delicious fish recipes ranging from Ilish to Rui and Chingri in this collection.

So, check out these 16 traditional Bengali fish recipes for Jamai Sasthi and have sumptuous treat on this remarkable festival.


Fish Biryani

Compared to other types of biryanis, Bengali style fish biryani contains much less on spices but tastes extremely delicious. This delectable non vegetarian rice recipe is generally prepared using the most loved rohu fish. However the fish may vary according to your preference and taste. The use of potatoes add an entirely different flavour to this delightful dish.


Fish Kabiraji Cutlet

If you are craving for something fried and crispy, then you should try out the Bengali fish kabiraji cutlet recipe. Almost all Bengali fish recipes are delicious. But this cutlet is a rare specimen. Usually, kabiraji cutlet is prepared with meat and fish fillets are just batter fried. But on special occasions, you can mix up the scheme of things a little bit. Try making yummy fish kabiraji cutlet wrapped in beaten eggs. It is sure to blow your mind.


Butter Fish Fry

Butter fish fry is a very popular Bengali recipe. It is a very simple fish recipe where some fish fillets are marinated and then fried in a batter. This butter fish recipe is generally eaten as a complement to the main course dish. You can even make a gravy preparation with this fish fry recipe.


Fish Do Pyaza

It is a simple recipe which is not very spicy and can be prepared without much fuss. As the name suggests, 'do pyaza' means two onions which actually signifies that the recipe requires almost double the quantity of onions compared to any regular fish curry. This makes the fish curry even more irresistible.


Macher Jhol

Macher jhol is a very delicious and spicy fish stew that is served with rice. The aroma of garlic and ginger cooked in mustard oil can tempt you to try this seafood recipe.


Muri Ghonto

The basic ingredients of this Indian fish recipe are the head of fish and rice. It is needless to say that it is a very traditional dish. You will not find a perfect Muri ghonto recipe in any cook book. It is a legacy passed down by mothers and grandmothers. Like most Bengali recipes, Muri Ghonto too involves plenty of deep frying. But it is still a very healthy option because of its richness in fish oils that are so essential for good eye sight and lustrous hair.


Bengali Fish Curry Without Onions

Nothing delights a Bengali more than his favourite maacher jhol and bhath (fish curry and rice). So, Bengalis take a lot of pain to experiment with their favourite item, fish. This recipe is also from a Bengali mom's kitchen which is delicious, simple, quick and of course prepared without onion.


Machcher Jhaal

The spicy version of Bengali fish curry recipe or machcher jhaal recipe is usually reserved for smaller fish such as telapia, pabda, tangra etc. Machcher jhaal is a spicy dish because the word 'jhaal' literally means 'spicy' in Bengali. You can try the machcher jhaal recipe for special occasions when you are expecting guests. It is also a little more oily and spicy than the famous machcher jhol.


Tel Koi

Tel Koi is a dish that is rarely heard of by people who are non-Bengalis. It is not a malai curry or jhol that is popular in urban legends of Bengali food. So, if you are Bong with a vengeance, only then would you crave for the Tel Koi recipe.


Hilsa With Brinjal

Fish curry with brinjal is mostly cooked in the eastern parts of India. In both Bengal and Odisha, fish curry with brinjal is a favourite dish.


Doi Maach

Doi Maach is a delectable and traditional fish curry of Bengal which is prepared with yogurt. This fishh curry tastes a little tangy and simply melts in your mouth.


Bhapa Ilish

Bhapa ilish is basically steamed hilsa fish that has been cooked with mustard sauce. This dish is a Bengali delicacy that most people love. Bhapa ilish is a very sumptuous dish that is both delicious and healthy. Unlike all the other Bengali fish recipes that are oily and deep fried, the bhapa ilish recipe is for health freaks as it is steamed.


Daab Chingri

Daab Chingri is a dish not only served in but also cooked in a coconut! This Bengali recipe takes the popular combination of coconut and prawns but adds a touch of creativity to it. This Indian food recipe makes use of coconut and prawns but not the hardened and shelled mature coconut, it is tender coconut that adds the mild flavour to Daab Chingri.


Shorshe Ilish

Most Bengalis consider Shorshe Ilish to be a very difficult recipe so, they usually reserve the dish for special occasions. But, this Bengali recipe is actually much more simpler than other fish curry recipes like Macchar Jhol.


Pathuri Maach

Pathuri maach is a special Bengali dish that is made with fish. The dish is steamed and wrapped in banana leaf. The best aroma of pathuri maach comes from the mustard sauce that is used to prepare this recipe. When you unwrap the fish from the banana leaf, you will get the strong aroma of mustard.


Crab Masala

Crab masala is a special recipe to cook crabs in Bengali style. It is a typical Indian curry with lots of zingy spices and fair amount of oil. Like most Bengali recipes even crab masala is cooked with mustard. The flavour of mustard oil adds a special Bong touch to crab masala. This crap recipe makes use of most of the Indian curry spices like garam masala, cumin etc.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 12:00 [IST]
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