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Bengali Fish Recipes For Pohela Boishakh 2014


Pohela Boishakh 2014 is on Tuesday (April 15) and celebrations are already in place. For those who do not know, Pohela Boishakh is the Bengali New Year and all Bengalis eat their favourite fish on this day. Usually, people of other communities do not eat non-vegetarian food on auspicious occasions. But for Bengalis, not eating non-vegetarian food, especially their staple fish would be an unthinkable sacrilege that the gods would never forgive. So, if there is the best time for trying out Bengali fish recipes, then it is now.

On Pohela Boishakh 2014, you must try at least some of these special Bengali fish dishes. The Bengalis are master cooks of fish. And yet, you will be amazed at how each of these Bengali fish recipes are totally uncomplicated. Even the most complicated fish delicacy from Bengal is never over-cooked because too much cooking spoils the flavour of the fish.


All Pohela Boishakh recipes need not be typically Bengali. The best thing about Bengalis is that they are not rigid about food. In fact, Bengalis are usually experimental with their recipes. And as long as it swims, Bengalis would relish it! That is why some of these fish recipes are not the typical Bengali dishes. But we also have a selection of traditional Bengali delicacies like Paturi and malai curry.

So enjoy Pohela Boishakh 2014 by trying out these finger-licking fish recipes.


Butter Fish Fry

Butter fish fry is a very popular Bengali recipe. It is a very simple fish recipe where some fish fillets are marinated and then fried in a batter. This butter fish recipe is generally eaten as a complement to the main course dish. You can even make a gravy preparation with this fish fry recipe.


Macher Jhol

Fish in Bengali sauce (Macher Jhol) is a popular seafood that is served as a side dish. Macher jhol is a very delicious and spicy fish stew that is served with rice. The aroma of garlic and ginger cooked in mustard oil can tempt you to try this seafood recipe. Check out the recipe to prepare macher jhol.


Fish Do Pyaza

Usually rohu fish is used for preparing this recipe. But you can try it with any fish of your choice. It is a simple recipe which is not very spicy and can be prepared without much fuss. As the name suggests, 'do pyaza' means two onions which actually signifies that the recipe requires almost double the quantity of onions compared to any regular fish curry.


Spicy Coriander Fish

This is not a typical Bengali recipe. However, if it's fish, Bongs will try it. The spicy fish curry is best served with rice or rotis. If you want to prepare the spicy coriander fish with lemon at home, then check out the recipe.


Bengali Style Fish Biryani

Fish biryani in Bengali style - Wow! Enough to make one's mouth water. There is an interesting story behind this Bengali delicacy. Biryani in Bengal evolved from the Lucknow style when the last Nawab of Awadh was exiled to Kolkata. The Nawab brought his royal chef along. Due to recession in those times, meat was a costly item. So, the chefs prepared biryani using potatoes and the locally available fish.


Muri Ghonto

The basic ingredients of this Indian fish recipe are the head of fish and rice. It is needless to say that it is a very traditional dish. You will not find a perfect Muri ghonto recipe in any cookbook. It is a legacy passed down by mothers and grandmothers. Like most Bengali recipes, Muri Ghonto too involves plenty of deep frying.


Fish Roll

A fish roll is extremely delightful and yummy. The prime ingredients of this roll recipe are very simple. It can be easily made at home. The most ideal fish for this recipe are salmon, tuna, mackerel or bhetki. Any other fleshy fish would also do. In this recipe, we will use salmon for making the rolls


Bharwan Or Stuffed Fish

This recipe is a great treat in this season. You can have it with a cup of hot tea/coffee or team it as a side dish with rice. The crunch and stuffed fish is filling and delicious at the same time. Check out the recipe.


Paturi Maach

Pathuri maach is a special Bengali dish that is made with fish. The dish is steamed and wrapped in banana leaf. The best aroma of pathuri maach comes from the mustard sauce that is used to prepare this recipe. When you unwrap the fish from the banana leaf, you will get the strong aroma of mustard.


Shorshe Illish

Shorshe Ilish has all the trademarks of an authentic Bengali recipe. As Poila Boishak (Bengali new year) is just around the corner, this is a good time to refresh your culinary memory. Most Bengalis consider Shorshe Ilish to be a very difficult recipe so, they usually reserve the dish for special occasions


Daab Chingri

Daab Chingri is a dish not only served in but also cooked in a coconut! This Bengali recipe takes the popular combination of coconut and prawns but adds a touch of creativity to it. This Indian food recipe makes use of coconut and prawns but not the hardened and shelled mature coconut. It is tender coconut that adds the mild flavour to Daab Chingri.


Bengali Fish Curry Without Onions

Nothing delights a Bengali more than his favourite maacher jhol and bhath (fish curry and rice). So, Bengalis take a lot of pain to experiment with their favourite item, fish. This recipe is also from a Bengali mom's kitchen which is delicious, simple, quick and of course prepared without onion.


Posto Chingri

Posto Chingri is an Indian prawn recipe that comes straight from the paddy fields of West Bengal. This shrimp recipe is cooked with authentic Bengali spices like Posto, that is poppy seeds and mustard. Posto Chingri is a Bengali recipe and almost as old as the land of Bengal itself.


Grilled Masala Fish Fillets

Usually grilled snack recipes are cooked in the continental style. So, grilled masala fish is a very delicious snack to have in the evening or when you are just back from office. The best part about this grilled snacks is that it cooks in just 30 minutes.


Doi Maach

Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year is the first day of the Bengali calender. On this day, people worship their deities and greet each other. Fish or maach (in Bengali) is the staple food in Bengal. So, how can we celebrate a festival without including fish in the menu? Have you tried yoghurt fish (doi maach)?

Story first published: Monday, April 14, 2014, 18:31 [IST]
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