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Republic Day 2021: 15 Special Recipes That You Can Try At Home

Despite having a diverse culture, we Indians take a lot of pride in saying that this nation is united. The diversity doesn't get reflected in the form of language, looks or clothes; but it applies for cuisines as well. The best of Indian dishes differ in taste, texture and cooking style from north to south and east to west. That is why we have so many different famous Indian recipes on our palate. We all know that Indians are foodies by default the best Indian recipes are enjoyed in every part of the country.

Republic day holds a special place in the heart of every Indian and every year it is celebrated on 26 January. What makes it more special is a holiday! And we all can vouch for one fact that we just cannot celebrate a holiday without good food.

There are many things that are not right with our nation. However, we can hold our heads in high in pride for our food. The best Indian recipes have been hand-picked by Boldsky from the different states in India.

Take a look and have a gastronomic republic day!


Gosht Ka Salan Recipe

Gosht ka salan is basically a recipe that comes from the North-Western Frontier province that is now Pakistan. In India, this mutton curry is a part of the Mughlai cuisine. It is often rumoured that gosht ka salan was the favourite dish of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Click Here For Gosht Ka Salan Recipe


Udupi Tomato Rasam Recipe

Udupi recipes have a unique taste of their own. So does this Udupi tomato rasam recipe. It is easy to prepare and gets ready in minutes. So, if you are planning for aquick lunch then this is the best and the healthiest option for you.

Click Here For Udupi Tomato Rasam Recipe


Bombay Tomato Pulao Recipe

The Mumbai special tomato pulao or the Bombay tomato pulao is a simple and quick recipe which is perfect for a single meal as well as for your lunch box. You can use the vegetables of your choice to make this recipe more colourful and healthy.

Click Here For Bombay Tomato Pulao Recipe


Malabar Style Chicken Curry Recipe

Kerala recipes are therefore distinct from the other south Indian recipes and have their unique blend of flavours. If you are a fan of Keralite food, you may have noticed that it has a touch of the coastal spices in it. So, today we have a lip-smacking chicken recipe from the Malabar coast.

Click Here For Malabar Style Chicken Curry Recipe


Lucknow Chicken Korma Recipe

Lucknow chicken korma is a rather simple yet flavourful recipe that you can try at home. Lucknowi recipes or rather the cuisine of Awadh is full of flavourful dishes like the succulent Gelawati kebabs, melt-in-mouth sheekhs, biryani, kormas and so on. In short, Lucknow proves to be the perfect destination for foodies.

Click Here For Lucknow Chicken Korma Recipe


Bengali Luchi & Aloo Dum Recipe

recipe for the perfect luchis and spicy aloo dum to go with it is the best treat for the pujas. It is one recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. You can prepare this dish at home easily.

Click Here For Bengali Luchi & Aloo Dum Recipe


Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal makhani is one dal recipe which is enjoyed by almost each of us at any and every occasion. Take a look at this easy dal recipe and learn to prepare the exotic dhaba style dal makhani at your home.

Click Here For Dal Makhani Recipe


Murgh Malai Kebab Recipe

This kebab recipe is low on spice and is a perfect treat for the kids too. It is known as the murgh malai kebab as it is prepared with a lot of cream and other dairy products. This kebab recipe can be easily prepared with or without an oven.

Click Here For Murgh Malai Kebab Recipe


Rava Fish Fry Recipe

Rava fish fry is a homemade fish fry dish that can give competition to any restaurant or café's menu. Sooji is used in this fish fry recipe. Rava fish fry is crisp and delectable as it is rolled in sooji or semolina. You can easily shallow fry the fish as it is not rolled in batter. Rava fish fry can be made with many different types of fish. But we will try making sooji rolled fish fry with surmai which is a popular sea fish in the Konkan region.

Click Here For Rava Fish Fry Recipe


Fruit Custard Recipe

Fruit custard recipe is a simple, tasty and healthy dessert. The taste of your fruit custard will depend on the type of fruit chosen to make it. You can make the dessert with some healthy and tasty fruits such as strawberries, cherries, grapes and bananas. Experiment with different combination so that it will give the flavour of all fruits.

Click Here For Fruit Custard Recipe


Beetroot Halwa Recipe

Have you ever tried beetroot halwa recipe? Beetroot halwa is the most tasty way to eat this vegetable. This is one of the tastiest halwa recipes.

Click Here For Beetroot Halwa Recipe


Seviyan or Vermicelli Recipe

Normally, seviyan or vermicelli is prepared a bit soggy with milk and sugar. But for this Lucknow special dish, the vermicelli is cooked a little dry and laced with sweetness. Be rest assured that this dish tastes just as delicious as it looks. So what are you waiting for, prepare this sweet dish to provide a fitting climax to your Republic day dinner.

Click Here For Seviyan or Vermicelli Recipe


Colourful Mixed Fruit Pudding

If you know how to make puddings, then making this mixed fruit pudding is going to be a cakewalk for you. This is an incredibly easy pudding recipe. And the best part about this fruity dessert idea is that it is healthy. You have a smattering of many different fruits in this dish making it nutritious. Adjust the amount of sugar and you have an almost healthy dessert on your plate.

Click Here For Colourful Mixed Fruit Pudding


Apple Pie: Dessert Recipe

The apple pie is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. The filling of the pie is with the healthy fruit apple. It is advisable to use Bramley or cooking apples for the filling as they soften very easily. The eating apples do not soften the same way. Check out the recipe to prepare the sweet dish, apple pie.

Click Here For Apple Pie: Dessert Recipe


Gajar ka halwa Recipe

Gajar ka halwa might be a time consuming sweet dish recipe, but the flavour and likings towards the halwa can make you wait and cook without any hassle. Gajar ka halwa is prepared in two different methods; one using milk and second using khoya (mawa).

Click Here For Gajar ka halwa Recipe

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