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Make The Most Of Face Mask Trend With These Cool Hair Accessories

Women love fashion. And more than fashion, we love the latest fashion trends. We must say, it came as no surprise when face masks, the mandatory precaution against the Coronavirus pandemic, quickly became a trend. With the various patterns and styles of face masks gaining popularity, we have started looking at face masks as a part of our attire. Which is great as it encourages us to wear masks in public.

For those of you who still aren't impressed by the face mask trend, we have the right nudge for you with these super-chic hair accessories. Or perhaps you would be interested in making the face mask trend even more fabulous! Whatever your reason is, these cool hair accessories will help you make the most of this trend. Check these out!


Blingy Headbands

PC: Colors Trend Accesorios Instagram

You know that headbands are your one-step rescue for the bad hair days, right? Yep, folks! If you want to jazz up your look and hide your greasy hair, you probably reach for a headband. But, these also come in handy to amp up your look with your face mask on.

And we aren't talking your simple and solid headbands. Oh, no! We're talking about the stunning blingy headbands that have become popular these days. If you really want to be intricate with your look, get a headband that matches your face mask. You just pop it on and you are good to go.


Bejewelled Hair Clips


Bejewelled hair clips look great with any dress and make-up, especially with your mask on. The one we suggest is the pearl hair clips. Swipe your hair to the side and clip these on. These clips really stand out and add an oomph factor to your look.

Another amazing trick with the bejewelled hair clips is to fix the masks that are loose on your face. Just pull the string of the mask behind your ears to fix your mask and clip it on at a comfortable place. This way you enhance your look and fix your mask. Pretty cool, right!


Knotted Hair Tie

PC: Sewn by Sarah Instagram

Have you ever been tempted to try the amazing hair scarfs we see all across Instagram? While these look gorgeous to look at, these can be complex to tie on the hair and keep them stay put. Why not go for the next best action?

The knotted hair ties are all set to be put on the hair and don't need you to fuzz over them through the day. You can try various patterns and prints in these hair ties. Considering we are soon transitioning into fall, you might want to try the floral prints. You can also match the prints of your hair tie with your face masks.


Pastel Silk Scrunchies

PC: ByAmerjit Instagram

We live for scrunchies. They are gentle on the hair, do not pull out the hair and also enhance our hairdo. If you have got yourself a Lady Gaga-esque statement mask, a pastel scrunchies is great to balance out the look and make your hairdo look beautiful with minimal effort.

Story first published: Sunday, September 6, 2020, 12:34 [IST]
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