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First Ever Indian Barbie Doll With Jhumkas Is What Representation Is All About!

There's a reason why representation matters: it shapes how POC are seen by society and how they see themselves - and there's a lot of value in seeing the media reflect a more diverse view.

And in this week's episode of, what caught our eyes are the all-new Indian Barbie by Deepica Mutyala of LiveTinted in collaboration with Mattel (producers of Barbie).

"When I look at my nieces and nephews, it's a whole other world for them. It's not that discrimination is gonna go away overnight. But I really do believe that seeing those faces in the media, holding the dolls in your hand that looks like you, those are the things that change entire generations and the way that they function and how the world works," says Deepica Mutyala, founder and CEO of Live Tinted.

"Meet 2022's Barbie. Her skin is TINTED, her eyes big, and her brows bold. She wears her jhumkas & bangles proud with her power suit. She is ready to take on the world. Her identity is hers," Mutyala said earlier this year on Instagram, a collaboration between Live Tinted and Barbie Style (Mattel).

The prototype of Barbie was based on the characteristics of Caucasians. In 1980, Mattel released the first black and Hispanic Barbie dolls, but it has now introduced its first Indian Barbie collaboration with YouTuber Deepica Mutyala.

Even though Katrina Kaif inspired the Bollywood Barbie, the 2022 Barbie is the first ever to don the brown skin tint.

The founder and CEO of the makeup brand, Deepica Mutyala, posted a picture of a Barbie doll dressed in a power suit with bangles and jhumkas on social media- ngl, it does make that will brown girl in me a tad bit excited.

"I cried when they mailed it to me. And we didn't post it, which I know is shocking because it was such a special memory for me. But I just wanted to keep it for myself because it was such a visceral reaction. It was a roller coaster of emotions-I couldn't believe it took 32 years to see this as an adult."

"With this doll, it feels very different from any other, accolade or award, because it feels like it's making a cultural shift and a little bigger impact. It's a very complex emotion like grief. My tears were not just happy tears. It took me back to that little girl playing with my neighbour Shannon and her Barbie dolls and wondering, how cool would it have been if I had this doll then?".

According to Ms Mutyala, Barbie symbolizes breaking cultural barriers. "She aims high with intention. Leads with empathy and kindness. A fearless go-getter with a deep desire to make an impact in the world. She's a CEO. This is the new Barbie."

The post has been getting a lot of attention on social media. For some, it was a 'dream come true'.

There is no information as to when the Indian Barbie will be out for sale.

[image courtesy: Instagram]

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