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Colours That Make You Look Thinner

By Sneha

Are you craving to lose your extra pounds of flesh and look thinner? Well, there are some very easy ways to look thin apart from dieting. Make smart wardrobe alterations and modify the taste of colours in order to look slimmer.
Some colours make you look thinner. Go for a colour analysis and find out which hues suit you the most and make you look slimmer. Hit the streets with confidence as you can impress any one with your new pick of slimming colours in your wardrobe.

Each person can have their own range of slimming colours that suits them. But here are some colours that can generally make everyone look skinny.

It is a belief that black makes you look thin. Have certain outfits in black as they have an amazing quality to make you look thinner instantly. You will find that most ladies prefer wearing black in parties. This is so because they simply love to flaunt their thin shapes.

But the choice of black dress you make depends entirely on the kind of figure you have. If you are too fat, then go for some black single piece dresses. And if you are not that fat and still kindle a desire to look even thinner then you might easily go for skirts, jeans or trousers.

But don't go full black during day time as it will just make you look dull. Team up your black dress with any other bright coloured accessories, shoes or bags as it will make you look trendy apart from making you look thin.

Other Dark Monochromatic Colours- All dark colours in general can make you look skinny. They not only make you look thinner but taller also. You do not have to be a lady from the fashion industry to take an immediate advantage of this trick. Just experiment with shades like navy blue, chocolate brown, dark green etc. and find out what suits you the most.

Bright Shades- Bright shades like pink, red, yellow and green can make you look thin. But there is no need to get in all red or all pink for this purpose. You can easily team up your skirt or jeans with a single bright jacket or top. Single piece bright coloured dresses can make you look all the more sensuous.

Dark And Bright Shades Together- There is absolutely no need to stick to monochromatic tones all the time. Even a combination of both dark and bright colours can make you look slimmer. If you are wearing a dark bottom go for a bright coloured top or vice versa. A bright yellow, pink or red coloured jacket can add tons to your look and make you look thinner instantly.

Experiment with these shades and surprise everyone by looking thinner.

Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 10:20 [IST]
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